Welcome to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission Blog

President Black and I have been in the mission now for three months. What a great experience we are having. We have come to love the missionaries as if they were our own sons and daughters. It is almost as hard for us to tell them good-bye as they leave their missions to go home as it was for the parents to tell them good-bye as they entered the mission field.

We love welcoming the new missionaries as they come down the escalators at the airport. They bring with them great enthusiasm and anticipation for what the next two years will bring.

We welcome the visa-waiters that are occasionally assigned to our mission as they wait for their visas to arrive so they can move on to serve in the mission where they have been called.

We welcome with open arms the new converts of the Church. Since the first of July the mission has had almost 400 baptisms. What a blessing the gospel is to those who have embraced it.

Since we have been here we have had four eight-hour days of intensive training with missionaries in the south area as well as with missionaries in the north area. We are now ready to start the training all over again. We have experienced zone conferences, transfers, interviews, district meetings, zone meetings, and zone leader councils. We have had oppportunities to go out teaching with the missionaries, we have welcomed incoming missionaries, and we have said good-bye to outgoing missionaries and the list goes on and on!

We are excited to finally have a blog for the families and friends of the missionaries allowing them to catch a glimpse of what is taking place in the mission. Posted are pictures of the past few months. It was a little overwhelming to think of going back and labeling all of them....so in the future we will do better!

We hope you will check back often to catch a glimpse of your missionary as we post pictures taken at different meetings and activities.

Welcome! Welcome!

Sister Evans is working at the LDS Employment Resource Center.

Sister Scrivens is working at the LDS Employment Resource Center.

Elder and Sister Taylor are serving in the mission office.

Transfer Number Two!

Missionaries Coming and Going

Elders that left to go home on August 9th
Elders Koch, Bumbaugh, Anderson, Lacusta, Farnsworth
Ray, Spagnola
New Elders that came on August 23rd

Elder Tapueluelu left on August 30th

Elders that left to go home August 24th
Elders Meldrum, Lyle, Jensen, Toland, Ewald