Farewell to two great Sisters

Sister Evans and Sister Saunders have been serving in the LDS Employment Services Office. Their mission has come to an end. We love them and have enjoyed having them in our mission. We wish them the best as they return back to their homes and to their families


P-Day Hike

On Monday mornng all the Sisters serving in the south area of the mission got together and went on a hike. We went up Red Rock Canyon. The weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect and it was fun being together. The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if we could have had the Sisters from the north area with us.

 Sisters Dixon, Dillistone, Felagai, Knighton, Leilua, Mack, Woznow, Sprouse, Black


Our Trip Up North

On our last trip to Reno we took a couple of days to visit some of the out-lying areas of the mission. One afternoon we drove up to Susanville, Greenville, and Quincy, California.   These little communities are the western most part of the mission.  The area is beautiful, lots of mountains and lots of green trees.  There is a lot of work to do and the elder's are keeping busy.  Elder Lane and Elder Lopez serve in Susanville. Elder Naval and Elder Barton are serving in Quincy. 


President Black, Elder Lopez and Elder Lane outside their
door.  What a beautiful site to walk out to each morning!

The ride between Susanville and Greenville

 The meeting house in Greenville

When we finally arrived in Quincy it was about 9:00 p.m.
Elder Barton and Elder Naval had just moved into a new apartment
and were about ready to call it a day.  We were glad that we got to
visit with them and see their new home.

The next day we ventured out to Winnemucca and Battle Mountain. These two communities are the eastern most part of the mission.  This area is a different kind of beautiful, lots of flat land and lots of open space.  Elders Callirgos, Christensen, Miller and Cedeno serve in Winnemucca.  Elders Theurer and Flores serve in Winnemucca.  There is plenty of work to keep these eldes busy also.

We were able to visit with all the elders serving in Winnemucca 
Elders Cedeno, Miller, Sister Black, Elders Christensen, Callirgos
We traveled to Battle Mountain to attend a baptism.
Elders Theurer and Flores have been working with this family, the father was a member, the
sons were baptized about a month ago and the daughters and the mother were baptized
the day that we were there.  What an exciting time! 


Also while we were in Reno, we joined Elder Williams and Elder Camp in their companion study.

I had a night available while President Black was meeting with stake presidents.
I took the opportunity to go with Sister Spencer and Sister Maumau to teach a lesson to an investigator.


Leadership Training

Leadership Training was held in Fallon for the northern part of the mission and in Las Vegas for the southern part.  The training was from The Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel.  The lesson that was taught was Revelation through Church Attendance.  There is always a great spirit that comes
as the lessons are taught and discussion takes place.  Those invited to the training are the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and the Trainers.

North Area Training

Southern Area Training


The Highs and Lows!

As missionaries come into the mission, as missionaries leave the mission, as there are transfers, and all kinds of other experiences there are lots of emotions that missionaries go through.  A few months ago I shared this poem with all the elders and sisters.  Their coment was..."this is exactly what it is like serving a mission!"
Highs and Lows
A mission is a strange experience,
It’s a trial and a test.
A mission throws at you the worst,
Yet teaches you the best.
I’ve never been so happy,
I’ve never been so depressed,
I’ve never felt so forsaken,
I’ve never felt so blessed.

I've never been so confused,
Things have never been so clear.
I've never felt Heavenly Father so distant,
Yet, He's never been so near.
I’ve never been so discouraged,
I’ve never been so full of hope.
I feel I could go on forever,
I think I’ve come to the end of my rope!
I’ve never had it quite so easy
I’ve never had it quite so tough.
Things have never been so smooth,
Things have never been so rough.

I've never traveled through more valleys,
I've never ascended so many peaks.
I've never met so many nice people,

I've never met so many freaks!
I’ve never had so many ups,
I’ve never had so many downs.
I’ve never worn so many smiles,
I’ve never worn so many frowns.
I’ve never been so lonely,
I’ve never had so many friends.
Boy, I hope this is all over soon!
Gosh, I hope it never ends!

TRANSFERS.....September 6, 2011......Once again.....new companion, new areas, new members, new investigators, new experiences.......transfers!


Zone Leader Council

Zone Leaders Council was held again this month in Tonopah.  It is a long way to travel but it is a
great opportunity to bring all the leaders of the mission together and and learn from each other.


Elders Camp Irwin, Mathis, Stevens, Summers, Sine, Chamberlain, Wilson, Byers, Bunnell, Matekel, Bush, Kiaha, Downs, Robers, Sugiyama
Elders Petersen, Williams, President and Sister Black, Sister and President Andersen,
Elders Hensley, Josephson 

Missionaries leavnig

Another group of elders finished their service in the mission on September 5th. We had a farewell dinner and a testimony meeting and then had some time to reminisce about experiences and people in the mission.The next morning happened quickly as we got up early, grabbed some breakfast, loaded the trailer and headed out to the airport. Again, it was a bittersweet farewell to a group of missionaries that we love. We wish them the best as they move on to their next big adventure!

 Elder Reyes Snachez

 Elder Constantino

 Elder Lloyd

 Elder Bowe

 Elder Reid

Elder Peters

Hello and Welcome!!

There is such an excitement as we see the new missionaries come down the escalator at the airport.  They are excited, nervous, tired, hungry, happy, fired up from the MTC, full of anticipation and ready to go to work!  On September 5th we welcomed 18 new Elders and 2 new Sisters to our mission.  We are happy to have them here!

Elder Seaman
Elder Peterson
Elder Wong
Elder Selvey
Elder Hall
Sister Badger
Elder Paipa
Elder Mendez
Elder Esplin
Elder Jones
Elder Izquierdo
Elder Rumbach
Elder Chambers
Elder Kennington
Elder Woodard
Elder Rodriguez

Elder Larson
Elder Harless
Sister Dillistone
Elder Dowuona-Hammornd