Transfers...June 25, 2012

This is a monumental transfer. It is the first transfer where there has not been a transfer van transporting missionaries from the north to the south or from the south to the north. All transferring took place within the north area and within the south area in preparation for the mission division.   There is work to be done in every area of the mission .
Once again...a marvelous work and a wonder has taken place with the transfer and transfer process!

Our Missionaries!

This group of missionaries going home is the group of missioinaries that we met at the MTC when we were were at the New Mission Presidents Seminar as our mission began.  This is the first group to be with us for their entire mission. They are 'our' missionaries!
 It is always bittersweet for us as we tell the missionaries good-bye at the airport. We are telling our family good-bye.  But we look forward to keeping in touch with them and hearing about  their new adventures!
Good Luck!  God Bless You!

Temple trip the week prior to going home

Last night at the mission home

Elder Daines couldn't take any more fun!

 Elder Naval, Sister Sprouse, Sister Black, President Black,. Elder Andrews, Elder Feldman
Elders Cooper, Hugie, Summers, Boyce, Neufville, Bassett, Bunnell, Lougee, Layton, Cook, Asay, Daines

 Elder Summers

 Elder Boyce

 Elder Hugie and Elder Cook

 Elder Asay

 Elder Cooper and Elder Layton

 Elder Naval

 Elder Andrews

 Sister Sprouse

 Elder Daines

 Elder Lougee

 Elder Feldman

 Elder Bunnell

 Elder Bassett

 Elder Neufville

 Unloading the luggage

Final farewell for those still waiting to board

Lots of New Faces!

This week we had 24 new missionaries to greet at the airport!
We are happy to welcome them to our mission family and are excited for the enthusiasm  
that they bring with them.  

The airport...Welcome to Vegas!

 Loading the trailer with all that will be needed for the next
18 months or 2 years x 24 missioinaries!

From the airport we went back to the missioin home for breakfast
and pictures. Pictures were taken of each missioinary to send
home to the parents.

The worth of a soul!!

Next stop was a local meetinghouse. Each was given a binder
with mission policies and papers to fill out.
Our biggest challenge on orientation day is trying to keep each
elder and sister awake. They had to be up and packed to
leave the MTC at 5:00 a.m. They are tired!
Sister Fisher, Elder Jack, Sister Black, President Black, Elder Chapman, Elder San Miguel
Elders Benioni, Rawlings, Gidewall, Blanco, Nelson, Hart, Houghton, Gregory-Tews, Aldridge,
Elders Cook, Richards, Wilcock, Parker, Empey, Murry, John, Baker, Tanner, Johnson, Hunsaker
Elder Blanco
Elder Johnson
Elder Baker
Elder Chapman
Elder Jack
Elder Parker

Elder Tanner
Sister Fisher
Elder Hunsaker
Elder Houghton
Elder Murry
Elder Gidewall
Elder Cook

Elder Hart
Elder Rawlings
Elder San Miguel
Elder Benioni
Elder Richards
Elder Wilcock
Elder Nelson
Elder John
Elder Aldridge
Elder Gregory-Tews
Elder Empey

President Black announcing first companionships.