Mission Information

Welcome to the greatest mission in the Church---
the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission!

The Nevada Las Vegas West Mission takes in the west side of I-15 in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas. The mission also includes Beatty, Indian Springs, Pahrump, Mesquite, Logandale and the area up to Panaca.

Because of the recent creation of the Nevada Reno Mission there has been a re-alignment of the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. The Nevada Las Vegas West Mission includes the following Las Vegas stakes: Elkhorn Springs, Highland Hills, Lakes, Las Vegas, Lone Mountain, Meadows, Redrock, Sandstone, South, Spring Mountain, and Tule Springs. Three stakes from the Nevada Las Vegas Mission were added to the NLVW Mission: the Nevada Logandale, Mesquite Nevada, and Nevada Panaca stakes.

The mission office is located in North Las Vegas.  Right now there are 171  missionaries serving in the mission.   There are 28 Spanish speaking elders, 16 sisters, 127 English speaking elders plus we have 11 senior missionaries serving in the mission right now.

In the mission there are 12 mission zones and 14 stakes.  The Las Vegas Temple is not in the mission, however, the missionaries have the opportunity to attend the temple once each quarter.

Past Mission Presidents

President Jerry B. Black  (Debbie)
President Kevin D. McCracken  (Marilyn)
 President Douglas M. Andrus Jr.  (Deanna)
President Bruce Smith (Debra-Marie)
President Walter E. Hill (Annette)
President Grant E. Starley (Sharon)

Las Vegas


Logandale and Overton