Just for your information.....

Lots of things are taking place in our mission.
There were no missionaries that went home this transfer...that was a first!

February 6th is our quarterly temple day.  This means that preparation
day will be on Wednesday that week instead of Monday. So there will be
no emails on Monday, February 4th.

We received 24 new missionaries with the group coming
from the MTC this past week. Three of those Elders were the first of the 18 year
olds that are starting to come out. We are excited to see this happen!
We opened 10 new areas with this transfer. Which means 10
new places to live along with all the furnishings!

This upcoming transfer will only be 5 weeks long. Transfers take place on
February 25. This is to allow for the shortened amount of time in the MTC.
On transfer day many of the missionaries do not get a chance to email
home....if you don't get an email on February 25th....don't worry....
your missionary is busy helping the work to move forward in the mission!
Just before the mission was split in July, we had 174 missionaries.
73 of those missionaries were transferred to the new Nevada Reno Mission,
With the boundary changes that occurred at that time there were14 missionaries
transferred from the Nevada Las Vegas Mission to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission
 which took our numbers to 115.
With this last transfer our numbers are back up to 171 missionaries.
Our complement, which is the number of missionaries that the
Church assigns to a mission, has been 190. Our new complement is 250.
We have had the complement of 18 Sisters. This number will go up to 40.
We will continue to have 28 Spanish speaking Elders.
We are excited for all of this change!
Right after Christmas President Black was contacted by one of the local
news stations about doing a story on Mormon Missionaries in
Las Vegas. The news people and camera men followed a few of the
missionaries around for the better part of a day and also spent an
hour or so with President Black. A few days later the story
appeared on the news.
Click the following link and see the story.

Train the New Missionaries with their Trainer Meeting

The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions (their trainers), had the opportunity
to come together with President and Sister Black, President Andersen and the
Assistants to do a little more training to make sure the first 12 weeks are
off to a smooth start.

Elder Jack and Elder Ringer
Elder Reaser and Elder Wynn
Elder Frost and Elder Crapo
Elder Bruce and Elder Romrell
Elder Stowell and Elder Jacobsen
Sister Christensen and Sister Cornelson
Sister Partner and Sister Dewey
Elder Moa and Elder Mouser
Elder Myers and Elder Felos
Elder Miller and Elder Houghton
Elder Chambers and Elder Bloomfield
Elder Brinkworth and Elder Murry
Elder Bee and Elder Aldridge
Elder Barton and Elder Seljestad
Elder Sanders and Elder Dilley-Simpson
Elder Van Etten and Elder Hurst
Elder Conklin and Elder Jarman
Elder Deppe and Elder Bloemke
Elder Birch and Elder Tanner
Elder Tews and Elder George
Elder Hunsaker and Elder Till
Elder Wilcock and Elder Cease
Elder Campbell and Elder Park
Elder Empey and Elder Reed

Transfers - January 21, 2013

Another six weeks has flown by
!t is  time for some to pack their bags and meet up with new companions,
discover new areas and work with new investigators. 
It is time for others to recommit to working with the same companions,
working in the same area and continuing to find new investigators.
Whatever the situation, the work continues to move on!
 President Black, Elder Fairbanks and Elder Weekes
working on the logistics of the transfer.



Click the link below to see more pictures of the transfer.



A plane full of Mormon Missionaries - January 21, 2103

 As we were at the airport waiting at the escalator for the new missionaries to come
there was a couple that was ahead of them that pulled me aside and said,
"We felt very safe on that flight....it was full of Mormon Missionaries!"
There was a plane full of Mormon Missionaries and they all came to
the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We welcomed 24 new missionaries into the mission on January 21st.
We were excited to meet them and already love having them here!

Picking up the luggage

Loading the luggage in the trailer 
Breakfast at the mission home 
(This is surch a large group that I split the group in two
for the picture)
Orientation at a local church building

Elder Jack
 Elder Campbell
 Elder Barton
Elder George
Elder Bee
Elder Cease
Sister Cornelsen
Sister Partner
Elder Bloemke
Elder Myers
Elder Jarman
Elder Till
Elder Romrell
Elder Miller
Elder Reaser
Elder Moa
Elder Stowell
Elder Van Etten
Elder Dilley-Simpson
Elder Frost
Elder Reed
Elder Bloomfield
Elder Brinkworth
Elder Birch