Sister Training Leaders

Six sisters have been called to serve as Sister Training Leaders to help train other sisters. 
They are responsible to conduct companion exchanges with other sisters.  
They will also attend and participate in the Mission Leadership Council each month.

Sisters Luamanu, Cox, Dewey, Ali'ifua, Christensen, Hanson

Train the New Missionaries and their Trainers

The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions, came together again
for a review and for a discussion as to how the
first 12 week program is going. 
(Those who are visa waiters were not included in this
meeting because they will go through the 12 week program
when they get to their mission)

 Elder Ilano and Elder Benioni
 Elder Marstella and Elder Heidinger
 Elder Alsdorf and Elder Strong
 Elder Hart and Elder Wrathall
 Elder Hunsaker and Elder Adams
 Sister Rasmussen and Sister Baker
 Elder Brinkworth and Elder Dodge
 Elder Manning and Elder Jackson
 Sister Johnson and Sister Kekauoha

 Sister Hoffman and Sister Larson
 Elder Gonzales and Elder Lane
 Elder Paz and Elder Stockett
 Elder Jett and Elder Walker
 Elder Barton and Elder Matthews

 Elder Mellor and Elder Reed
 Elder Johnson and Elder Lee
 Elder Shanklin and Elder Tunney
 Elder Denton and Elder Seljestad


Till We Meet Again

The night before a missionary goes home is an exciting time.
However,telling them good-bye is also a bittersweet experience.
We realize that their families can hardly wait
to see them walking towards them, but we have to admit
it is hard to see them walking away from us.
We love them and wish them the very best as they
move on to a new adventure!

Elders Dowuona-Hammond, Edwards, Alford, Markle, Reyes, Weekes, Lee, Salinas,  Larson, Mouser, Oakey, Millar

Elder Reyes

Elder Weekes

Elder Alford

Elder Larson

E;der Lee
Elder Mouser

Elder Millar

Elder Oakey

Elder Markle

Elder Salinas

Elder Butler, a visa waiter, also
left Las Vegas at the same time.
He received his visa to be able to go to Peru.
Thanks for your service while serving in the Las Vegas West Mission 
and we wish you the best.

"I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"

There is lots of 'buzz' just before transfers.
Almost everyone anticipates some kind of a change,
however, not everyone is affected by the transfer.
Everyone wonders ..... Will I be transferred?  Will I be
getting a new companion?  If so, who will it be? Where
will I be going? Will I be in a car or will I
be on a bike?  Will I be training?
There are lots of questions!

A meeting where all who are involved in transfers is held at 5:00 p.m. on Monday,
The new missionaries are introduced, new companionship's come together,
friends see old friends,
And then...the caravan moves on!

To see additional pictures and a video
click the link below:

Called to Serve!

Wow...where did the past 6 weeks go!
Once again, on Monday morning, May 20th, we
welcomed another group of new missionaries!
We waited at the airport for
a group of sharping looking Elders and Sisters
to come down the escalator!
And, as usual, someone who was on the plane came
before they did and said, "There is a whole plane full
of them.....they are coming!"
This week we welcomed 3 sisters and 22 elders.
Eight of the elders are visa waiters and will only be in our
mission until they get their visas to go to either to Mexico or Brazil.
We are excited to have all 25 here!



Sisters Baker, Hoffman, Kekauoha, Elders Alsdorf, Dodge, Jett, Adams, Jackson, Hart, Heidinger

Elders Denton, Shanklin, Stockett, Mellor, Matthews, Ilano, Johnson
-Visa Waiters- 
Elders Blegen, West, Kelly, Pollard, Davis, Dorrough, Gaytan, Harris


Sister Kekauoha

 Sister Hoffman

 Sister Baker

Elder Kelly
Elder Pollard
Elder West
Elder Jackson

Elder Adams

 Elder Dodge

Elder Jett

 Elder Stockett

Elder Matthews

Elder Dorrough

Elder Ilano

Elder Gayton

Elder Davis

Elder Blegen

Elder Hart

Elder Mellor

Elder Heidinger

Elder Johnson

 Elder Denton

Elder Harris

Elder Shanklin

Elder Alsdorf
To see additional pictures and a video click the link below: