Welcome, Sister Splain!

We have just recently welcomed Sister Spain to the mission. She is from
Stockton, California and will be serving in the LDS Employment Resource Center.
She, along with three other senior sisters, work in the center and  
 do a great service to many, many people who are seeking employment.


Interviews - October 2012

Over the past few weeks we have been doing interviews.
As President Black interviewed each missionary personally, I spent the time
talking with each district about the importance of loving yourself,
loving your companion, and loving your mission.
Before each group left I tried taking a picture of each district in their
true missionary form....then some of them went crazy on me!

Sisters Christensen, Cox, Elders Mouser, Tinoco, Cedillo, Seljestad
Elders Wynn, Gott, Rogers, Pyron, Houghton, Hurst

Highland Hills Zone

Sisters Dillistone,Rasmussen, Elders Buchkovich, Cook, Sanders, Conklin, Giullian, Seaman

Sister Dillistone, Sister Garcia, Sister Rasmussen
Elders Chambers, Wong, Barlow, Johnson, Parra, Nelson, Weaver
Lone Mountain Zone
Elder Lee and Elder Peacock
Elders West, Herlin, Wilkerson, Parker, Steenstra, Smith, Pulsipher, Kaelberer

Elders Fairbanks, Walker, Jack, Sisters Ali'ifua, Argueta, Elders Lane, Woodard, Weekes

Mesquite Zone
Elders Sellers, Werner, Long, Craft

Elders Findlay, Dowuona-Hammond, Doss, Dooley, Carlson, Park

Elders Driggs, Ete, Kraft, Jones, Perea, Hoskins, Dowdle, Millar

Las Vegas Zone
Elders Baker, Short, Benioni, Oakey, Hunsaker, Edwards, Parez, Reyes, Garcia, Caudle, Lloyd

Elders Scola, Barton, Sisters Pardee, Shaw, Elders Ririe, Bruce


Tule Springs Zone
Elders Smith, Gidewall, Wissinger, Pennington, Stanley, Salinas, Jacobsen, John

Elders Manning, Selvey, Tanner, Tunney, Kredt. Rumbach, Pierre-Louis, Richards

Spring Mountain Zone
Elders Guist, Baker, Paz, San Miguel, Polanco, Schmidt

Sisters Badger, McKnight, Crapo, Quintana, Cunningham, Zachary, Lopez, Jones, Stewart, Wilcock


South Zone
Elders Gregory-Tews, Torgersen, Austin, Chapman

Sister Luamanu, Fisher, Gray, Aldridge, Ringer, Larson

I missed taking picutres of one of the South Zone districts.
So these pictures are of the missionaries* in the district, but not at interviews.

Elders Deppe*, Packard* Giullian, Seaman

Elders Walker, Jack, Hymas*, Markel*

Elder Felos*, Murry*, Aldridge, Gray

Red Rock Zone

Sisters Carr, Dewey, Koncurat, Wrathall, Reeves, Blanco, Godfrey, Diaz

Elders Alford, Butler, Brown, Empy, Naranjo, Tannner, Vieira, Solis


Red Rock District Meetings

Every Tuesday morning District Meetings are held throughout the mission
. Every Tuesday morning we attend a District Meeting in one of the zones.
This morning we attended the Sandstone District Meeting in the
Las Vegas Zone. It was a great meeting with lots of discussion
and some great role plays.

Role playing is such a good way to learn and to improve our
teaching skills. The missionaries practice teaching with each other as if
it were a real situation. Often times inspiration comes as they
are teaching each other, that helps them to understand how to
teach a particular concept of the gospel to some particular investigator.

The Morning Program!

Part of the morning program is to get up at 6:30 a.m. and exercise for 30 minutes. On this morning
the Sandstone District met us and we walked around the park and also the neighborhood!
We had as much fun talking as we did walking!


Specialized Training Meeting

We held a specialized training meeting where, once again, all the new missionaries
and their trainers came together.  We talked about how the training experiences
were going, shared feelings, shared experiences, asked questions, watched some
training DVD's, gave encouragement and now everyone is ready to go and get to work!

 Companionship's -- New Missionary and Trainer
 Sisters Badger, McKnight, Argueta, Ali'ifua
 Sisters Fisher, Dewey, Carr, Luamanu
 Elders Garcia, Benioni, Reyes, Short
 Elders Herlin, Wilkerson, Pierre-Louis, Manning
 Elders Tanner, Tunney, Sellers, Werner
  Elders Reeves, Koncurat, Wilcock, Stewart
 Elders Barlow, Johnson, Seljestad, Houghton
 Elders Felos, Murry, Aldridge, Gray

  Elder Deppe, Packard, Guillian, Seaman
 Elders Walker, Jack, Hymas, Markle
 Elder Jones and Elder Kraft
Elder Sanders, and Elder Conklin