Mission Office Staff

Sister McMillan
Sister McMillan serves as the mission secretary and also secretary to the president. She coordinates the arrival and the departure of the missionaries. She handles the phone calls and distributes the mail to the missionaries and is busy with all kinds of other tasks that are required to keep the mission office running.  

 Elder McMillan
Elder McMillan serves as the housing coordinator of the mission. It is his desire to maintain and make the living quarters for each missionary as comfortable as possible.  He is also the financial secretary.  He pays all the bills that come to the mission office and most importantly makes sure that the missionaries receive their monthly allowance.  Elder McMillan keeps track of all the cell phones and monitors how they are used by the missionaries.  He is responsible for ordering all supplies and also for reporting Key Indicators and Call-In Summary Reports to Church Headquarters.


Sister Sudweeks

SisterSudweeks is responsible for all the baptismal records that come in from the missionaries. She records them and makes sure that they are submitted to Church headquarters. She also helps with the referrals that come into the mission.

Elder Sudweeks
Elder Sudweeks is the vehicle coordinator. We have approximately 69 vehicles to account for in the mission. He keeps track of and records all the gas expenses, the mileage, the repairs, maintenance, inspection and accidents of all the vehicles.

Elder Dana 

Elder Dana is training Elder Sudweeks to take over as the vehicle coordinator.