Leadership Training

Leadership Training ----
where all zone leaders, district
leaders and trainers meet together to be trained by the
assistants, zone leaders and President and Sister Black

 Role - Playing
Open your mouth every chance you get ---
tell people who you are and share a quick message.

Lunches for our meetings are always provided by a
Stake Relief Society.  One half hour before lunch was to be served
I checked to see if the sisters needed any help....there was no one there.
I called the mission office to make sure the Relief Society had been contacted and was
planning for lunch that day.  Come to find out, there had been a miscommunication
and they were never contacted.   At 11:30 there was no lunch in the making....by 12:30 these Relief
Society sisters organized, ordered, picked up, and set out a wonderful
luncheon for 80 missionaries! 
And they were still smiling!!

preparing to sing "....and thank you for the food! 

Train the trainers and the New Missionaries

After the new missionaries have had a few days to experience missionary life, all the companionships come together for a meeting to review what they should be studying during their personal and companion study time.

The new companionship follows a training schedule that includes studying from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs  that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and re-practice.

By applying what they are learning in their studies each morning to their teaching
they are on their way to having a great mission experience.

 Elders Kraft, Jones, Wilcock, Stewart
 Elders Seaman, Giullian, Lloyd, Perez, Garcia, Benioni, Reyes, Short
 Elders Gray, Aldridge, Jack, Walker

Sister Dewey, Sister Carr
 Elders Gray, Baker, Aldridge, Benioni, Seaman, Reyes, Short, Lloyd, Garcia, Perez
 Elder Reeves, Koncurat

 Sisters Cox, Christensen, Ali'ifua, Argueta, McKnight, Badger
 Elder Tunney, Tanner, Manning, Pierre-Louis
 Sisters Brady, Garcia, Luamana, Fisher
Elder Herlin, Wilkerson, Felos, Murry
Elder Sellers, Elder Werner
 Elders Seljestad, Houghton, Johnson, Barlow

 Elders Hymas, Markle, Packard, Deppe
Elder Fairbanks, Elder Weekes

September Transfers

September 17, 2012
Along with transfers comes change!
There are tears and there are cheers!
A time with lots of emotions.
Best of wishes in your new assignments!


Bittersweet Farewells

Another six weeks have flown by! 
It is again time to say good-bye to another group of
missionaries as they finish their missions. However, this group consists only
of two missionaries.  However, even with only two 
it is still bittersweet for us as we bid them
farewell, but we wish them the best as the venture off
for new adventures and experiences.
We love you!
Elder Humphrey

Elder McClellan


From the MTC to the Mission Field

On Monday morning, September 17, twenty two new missioinaries arrived at the airport from the MTC. We took them to the mission home, fed them breakfast, and took pictures.  We then went to one of the churches by the mission office to be oriented on the mission rules, mission procedures, housing, cell phones, vehicles and a list of other things.  Somewhere in between we fed them some lunch!  The hardest thing for them on this first day is trying to stay awake!
Their day began at 3:00 a.m. getting ready to leave the MTC, get to the airport, board the plane and at 9:50 a.m. begin their service in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We are certainly happy that they are here!
 Gathering all the luggage and packing it onto the truck


 At the mission home
Orientation and lunch
 Elder Stewart
 Elder Walker
 Elder Herlin
 Elder Conklin
 Elder Garcia
 Elder Lloyd
 Sister Cox
 Sister McKnight
 Sister Dewey

 Sister Luamanu
 Sister Ali'ifua
 Elder Deppe
 Elder Pierre-Louis
 Elder Kraft
 Elder Barlow
 Sister Brady
Elder Tunney
 Elder Seljestad
 Elder Sellers
 Elder Gray
 Elder Short
Elder Felos