God Be With You Till We Meet Again

As I am writing this post for the blog the movers are here packing us up.
We don't actually leave until Thursday, but because everything is being packed up, including my computer, it is time to bring this blog to a close.

Thank you for reading the blog. I hope it has kept you informed as to what is happening
in the mission.  I have loved and appreciated your comments.

I can't help but get emotional as I think about the past three years.
We have loved serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. 
We want you, as parents, to know how much we love your sons and daughters.
We have seen miracles take place in the lives of the people they have taught. 
However, I think the greatest miracles we have seen take place are the miracles of
conversion and growth within the elders and sisters as they have served and
been dedicated to the Lord.
The work that we are doing is the Lord's work and we have seen His hand
involved daily in the things that we do. 
I am so thankful for this opportunity to serve.
I understand now how the missionaries feel as they are so close to the end. There are such mixed emotions. There are feelings of excitement to go home and be with family and anticipation for the next chapter of life.
 At the same time, it is sad to leave behind something that you love.

We are excited as we think about going home and becoming reacquainted with our
children and  grandchildren.
We are so thankful for our family and for the great support that they have been to us.
We look forward to the next chapter in our lives.  

Our grandchildren (another one due in October)
We express our love to you as parents and family of those who have become part of our
 extended family, the missionaries.   We express our love to each missionary that we have
 had the blessing of working with.
God Be with You Till We Meet Again.

We'll Bring the World His Truth!

We have been saved for these latter days
To build the kingdom in righteous ways.
We hear the words our prophet declares:
"Let each who's worthy go forth and share."

We are as the army of Helaman.
We have been taught in our youth.
And we are now the Lord's missionaries
To bring the world his truth.

Every missionary who has passed through the mission while we have been serving
has signed our sign-board.  They signed either when coming into the mission or when
leaving the mission. I counted the number of names.....there are about 732 missionaries.
What a blessing to us to have served with each one of them.

To see the signatures on the board
click the link below:

Till We Meet Again.....

When we drove into the neighborhood tonight the Sandstone
Zone Missionaries were standing in our driveway.  As we
got out of the car they started singing "Till We Meet Again"
and presented to us a large card signed by each one of them.
We couldn't help but shed a few tears.
Thank you!


Mesquite Stake Conference

On Sunday we drove to Mesquite to attend the Mesquite Stake Conference.
It was a great meeting.  We were also excited to have an opportunity to see
all the Mesquite missionaries serving in that stake one more time!

Sisters Enszer, Clutts, Elders Nielsen,Wissinger, Kredt, Wilson, Lloyd, Buchkovich,
 Ringer, Seaman, Ririe, Gray, President and Sister Black


Departing Temple Trip

Before missionaries leave the mission they have the opportunity to
attend the temple together as a group.
Elder Pulsipher and Elder Ringer are the
only ones going home at this transfer.
What a great way to bring your mission to a close.

Elder Pulsipher, President and Sister Black, Elder Ringer


Lake Zone District Meetings

This week we attended the Lakes Zone District Meetings.
The topic for training was "How to Begin Teaching Lessons".
 Elders Heidinger, George, Brinkworth, Marstella, Torgersen
Sisters Belliston, Mataele, Cipriano, Jacobsen, Kaelberer, Tautuiaki, Dodge, Cicerone, Dowdle



Specialized Training with New Missionaries nad Trainers

Once again it has been a number of weeks since the new missionaries entered the mission.
A Specialized Training was held last Friday. All new missionaries
and their trainers were invited to be in attendance. They have been serving together for
a month now and have had opportunities to have real missionary experiences,
to meet ward members and to teach some lessons to investigators and members.
We had a great discussion and were able to hear of their experiences,
their concerns and their successes.

We are excited as all the missionaries are learning and growing together.
Sister Kekauoha, Sister Johnson
Sister Baker, Sister Rasmussen
Sister Larson, Sister Hoffman
 Elder Dodge, Elder Brinkworth
 Elder Johnson, Elder Lee
 Elder Jackson , Elder Manning
 Elders Reed,  Mellor, Shanklin, Tunney
ElderJett, Elder Walker
 Elder Alsdorf, Elder Strong
 Elders Denton, Seljestad, Hart, Wrathall
 Elder Matthews, Elder Barton
 Elder Stockett, Elder Paz
 Elders Ilano, Benioni, Hunsaker, Adam

Elder Marstella, Elder Heidinger

Baptism in Pahrump

Saturday we drove out to Pahrump to attend a baptism and to do an interview.
We were happy to spend a few minutes visiting with the missionaries serving
there.  Missionaries love serving in Pahrump!
 Elder Van Etten, Elder Wong, Blacks, Elder Houghton, Elder Bloomfield
 Sister Baker, Sister Rasmussen




Fathers Day

In April, as we were doing interviews, I asked each missionary to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that they remember their parents sharing with them. I listed all their thoughts from their mothers the end of April for Mother's Day. I promised I would share their thoughts from their fathers for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, Dads!

Elder Adams - Obedience is the first law of heaven.  If the Lord tells you to jump, you ask, "How high?"
Elder Aldridge - Don't get into trouble!
Elder Alford - Be humble, work hard, magnify your calling, always respect your priesthood leaders, over your mother.  (Not necessarily a direct quote, but it was better than that because it is what he taught me with his example.)
Sister Ali'ifua - Don't worry about your hair just focus on the work!
Elder Alsdorf - Work hard, do your best and you'll get what you're wanting.
Sister Badoni - Don't shoot the small stuff.  You've got to get an education.  You can always come home.
Sister Baker - I can't think of any specific words, but my dad has taught me how to work and work for a purpose,  to accept people and to believe in second chances.
Elder Brenden Baker - Be Strong!
Elder Landen Baker-Natera - Be careful out there!
Elder Ballard - Hiya Boys!  Don't be a dope!
Elder Barlow -  "Hard work brings great rewards."  "I'm much more impressed with people that find things to be happy about?"
Elder Barton - (words from grandmother) - Be strong and hurry on back!
Elder Beddoes - Love the people and love your companion.
Elder Bee - Sorry, Dad, I didn't listen as much as I should have.
Sister Belliston - "Marry your best friend!"
Elder Benioni -" Do it right the first time."  (I hit you cause I love you!)
Elder Biggs - Be obedient and be blessed.
Elder Birch - A man's worth is measured by the way he acts when no one is watching.
Elder Blanco - Do everything you can and leave the rest up to the Lord.
Elder Blegen  -  Life is not fair!
Elder Bloomfield - Take it easy!
Elder Brinkworth - Stay out of trouble.
Elder Brown - Move your feet and go after the ball.
Elder Bruce - Look around Leroy!  If ya ain't first....you're last!
Elder Buchkovich - Be absolutely positively excellent!
Elder Sean Butler - "Chose a career that you love to do."
Elder Campbell - I'm going to miss you, you're a wonderful example to your brothers, I love you, lose yourself in the work.
Elder Carlson - Make our name look good.
Elder Caudle - Go with God.
Elder Cease - There is no greater way of showing love to your father than serving a mission.
Elder Cedillo - "Don't ever get discouraged when you are sharing what you know to be true and no one listens to you."  "Tough it out!"
Elder Chambers - "Work hard, pray harder."
Elder Chapman - The harder the adversary works to keep you from the work of the Lord, the more you know you're going the right way!
Sister Chapman - Work hard and have fun.  Make me proud!
Elder Chase - There are two words in Missionary work", you are about to be a missionary, don't forget to work,work hard son.
Sister Christensen - "A-Couch"
Elder Cicerone - Follow the Prophet!
Elder Cipriano - Do what you know is right and don't worry about what others may think or say.
Sister Clutts - Work hard.
Elder Conklin - TCOB (Take care of business)
Elder Cook - the ASL sign for I love you, better in than out, I have a crappy job.
Elder Corcoran - Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; give a man a cow, feed him for a month!
Sister Cornelsen - If at the end of every day you have no regrets and you do that everyday, you will have no regrets at the end of your mission.
Sister Cox - "Trust the Lord"  My dad has always taught me that regrets come from disobeying the Lord.  He never had to justify his good deeds.  He makes time to serve the Lord and others, knowing that the blessings will always follow.  I am grateful to be a recipient of those blessings on his behalf.
Elder Crapo - Anything worth doing is worth doing right.  The Lord qualifies those he calls.  
Elder Cutrer -  Stick to the task and remember who you are.
Elder Darby - "Just some fatherly advice....Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.  Behave yourself. Remember what the Lord has blessed you with.  Respect your mother.  I love your mother.  I love you.
Elder Davis - Work hard and everything else will come easy.
Elder Denton - Work hard and don't forget your purpose.
Elder Deppe - Try hard and have fun!  Okay, time to go work in the garden!
Sister Dewey - Put a smile on your kisser and maybe someone will put a kiss on your smiler!
Elder Dial -  Leave nothing on the table.  Also have fun.
Elder Diaz - Work hard.
Elder Dilley-Simpson - I'm proud of you son.  We have plans for your room.
Elder Dodge - Just remember the basics.
Elder Dooley - There's only 2 things you can control in life 1) your attitude 2) how hard you work.
Elder Dorrough - Anything worth doing is worth over doing!
Elder Doss - If you are going to do something, do it right the first time and don't waste time.
Elder Dowdle - Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
Elder Dowuona-Hammond - Stay close to the Church.
Elder Driggs - If I have to get the paddle, it's too late to say sorry!

Elder Edwards - Remember who you are, where you came from, and those who have paved the way before you.
Elder Empey - Work hard, this will change your life.
Sister Enzer - Don't take anything personally, just laugh.
Elder Ete - "Po le a lou aulelei, de a e fau'u, o lou auleaga ia. Ae po le a foi lou auleaga, Ae a e mata atagta o lou aulelei ia pei O Elder tonatana Uilaomatagi Ete'

Elder Fallon - Rawhide!
Elder Felos - School is good. Choose the jobs that it seems like no one wants, because they are a lot easier to get.
Elder Findlay - Give it your all, it goes by fast.
Elder Frost - Stick to the task 'till the task sticks to you!
Elder Fugate - You can swim all you want but you just can't get wet.

Elder Garcia Zepahua - Be wise in what you say and what you do. Don't forget where you come from. Don't worry and be happy!
Elder Gaytan - My dad taught me so much...but he was always a great example of being Christ-like.
Elder George - I'm a good person to complain to.
Elder Gidewall - I can do it for you but you need to learn this.
Elder Guillian - Keep a budget. Mental Math. Don't expect to be protected when you are being stupid.
Elder Godfrey - Nama stay!
Elder Gonzales - Don't forget that we love you.
Elder Goold - Do what the Lord has asked you to do. Lose yourself and go to work.
Elder Gray - Always be the best man your Heavenly Father thinks you are.
Elder Gregory-Tews - Pray for yourself and others, especially your mom!

Sister Hanson - Follow the Spirit.
Elder Harper - Don't marry a Catholic. It's better to do it yourself than to not have it done.
Elder Harris - You'll have days on your mission when you have a whole lot of fun and you will have days on your mission when you feel like you just want to give up, but always remember that Jesus Christ is our Savior and then press forward another day.
Elder Hart - Cafeful what you wish for!
Elder Heidinger -" Rubbings Racin" "Your passengers are the grossest people you'll ever meet."
"No pain, no game." "Last guy who called me this is still looking for his teeth."
Elder Herlin - Remember what you stand for.
Sister Hoffman - My dad never said anything specific to me over and over again, but he would sit on my bed and talk to me about life. That was a great example to me.
Elder Hoskins - Be polite when you're around people; respect others; the more you practice the better you ge; if you're officiating a sports game, don't try to make up a bad call for a team.
Elder Houghton - Get up early...."day's a wastin'!"
Elder Hunsaker - Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.
Elder Hurst - when you are obedient, everything else, your safety, testimony and overall well-being, will take care of itself.
Elder Hutchings - Be yourself.
Elder Hymas - "For unto you is born this day" always remember. People like a smile.

Elder Ilano - "The definition of a righteous person, is a person who continuously repents." Jack Ehlen
Elder Jack - "What do I look like...a bank?"
Elder Jackson - Suck it up and move on. Everything hard builds character. Duct tape fixes everything. Grow a beard, go incognito (he was in the bishopric) No on sees you in the back.
Elder Jacobsen - Your the best son I have ever had, you are blessing us while on your mission, serve others, 'Should we put a down payment on a house in Alamo?'
Elder Jarman - Always be honest.
Elder Jett - Just do your best.
Elder Devin John - Live in each moment, not in the future and not in the past.
Elder Mason John - Time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well get something out of it...brush your teeth!
Elder Colton Johnson - "I'm just the same as you, I've just had a couple more years." I treat (or try to treat) everybody with respect.
Elder Devon Johnson -When the spirit says move...move!
Sister Johnson - Give them heaven!
Elder Grant Jones - You are the only one that can choose who you will be.
Elder Matthew Jones - Work hard on your mission. It will prepare you for the rest of your life.

Elder Kaelberer - Follow the commandments.
Sister Kekauoha - You won't face any trolls, goblins or riddles, but your adventure will be what the Lord wants you to do. You won't destroy any rings---only wear the CTR ring, and you're sure to be visible.
Elder Kelly - Why? Think and use common sense.
Elder Kennedy - Talk to everybody and make friends, use your talents to share the gospel with everyone.
Elder Koluse - Always go to church on Sunday.
Elder Koncurat - "Don't be dumb." "If you chance to meet a frown, do not let it stay. Quickly turn it upside down and wipe that frown away!"
Elder Kraft - "Don't let anyone stop your from going to church. If you want to go, I will take you." David Kraft, a non-member.
Elder Kredt - When things become difficult, you cannot afford to break down. You must move forward with faith, with hope and with courage.

Elder Lane - I really didn't thing that she was that pretty of a girl (not in reference to his wife!)
Elder Lapeyrouse - I'm proud of you, stay strong!
Sister Larson - You have to name at least 10 things you can cook before you leave so you don't starve!
Elder Larson - Me: " Dad, I'm hungry" Dad: "Nice to meet you , Hungry, I'm Tomm."
Elder Lawniczak - Serve faithfully, work diligently, pray continuously, return with honor....and keep your hands out of your pockets!
Elder David Lee - A lazy man never finds rest.
Elder Dominique Lee - Return with honor. You're a good egg if you don't rot!
Elder Lloyd - Anything that's worth it in the long run is never going to be easy.
Elder Loertscher - Love your companion.
Sister Long - "If you miss your family you're not working hard enough". Don't worry, daddy, I don't miss the family!:)
Elder Long - There isn't really one thing that I can say that influenced me a lot, but a bunch of small things that worked together to make me into the man I am today. Dad was that priesthood example and taught me the important things in life. Thanks, dad, you are the best!
Elder Lopez - The best way to change the people is to change yourself.
Sister Luamanu - "Never trouble the trouble or else the trouble will trouble you!"
Elder Madore - Rodents are reptile food!
Elder Benjamin Manning - Lose yourself in the work. Remember who you are.
Elder Joel Manning - "This is an easy to take someone down."
Elder Markle - Everyone is proud of you and no matter what happens in life I will always love you.
Elder Marstella - Speak Up!
Sister Mataele - "go get 'em!"
Elder Matthews - Be ready for anything and be prepared. Be yourself and be open to everyone.
Elder Mavromatis - Be friendly and patient to all your companions. Show your love to everyone you teach.
Elder Mellor - "Women are a treasure, treat them right and the house will be bright!"
Elder Millar -"O, Be wise, what can I say more?"
Elder Miller - Thanks for all the advice that you have given me. Sorry for not remembering anything specific.
Elder Moa - Many things in life bring us happiness but only things that are eternal bring us true joy.
Sister Monson - Choosing the right is a lonely road.
Elder Mouser - Proverbs 23:22
Elder Murry - Carry on my son. There will be peace when you are done.
Elder Myers - Christ can't drive a parked car, the Church is true, the people aren't always....How quickly the world owes people something that you knew only existed 5 seconds ago.

Elder Naranjo -" Strive your-self to be happy. " Mario Naranjo M.
Elder Nelson - Prayer works!
Elder Nielsen - Work and have a great time and enjoy your mission. Be obedient and keep your nose clean.

Elder Oakey - Work smart, not hard....but still work hard too. Get over it. There's no reason to push the limits. You don't have to talk much to influence people.
Elder Olive - Learn to lose yourself.

Elder Park - Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Elder Parker - It's going to be raining, so prepare to get wet.
Sister Partner - Go out and work. Be the best you can be. Be happy
Elder Paz -= "Walk through life making history.
Elder Peacock - "Let it be!"
Elder Pennington - Be an example. Be obedient. Keep up the hard work.
Elder Percy - "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right!"
Elder Perea - Stay together.
Elder Perez - Always be a good example to your younger brothers. And remember who you are
Elder Pierre-louis - I know you want to join the Mormons. Just remember to study hard. I love you son.
Elder Polanco - Es mejor solo escuchar que discutir
Elder Pollard - I love you! Because the gospel is true and if we endure to the end no matter what happens we will be reunited one day. He also taught me a lot about being obedient...making sure the I don't let there be any chinks in my armour.
Elder Powers - Follow the spirit.
Sister Pulsipher - You have every reason to be confident in who you are and in what you believe. I love you! You're doing great!
Elder Pulsipher - Don 't screw up.
Elder Pyron - Now is the time to behave.

Sister Rasmussen - You're beautiful, you know that? I love you.
Elder Reaser - Don't eat yellow snow.
Elder Reed - Do your best, be responsible. It'll be all right, don't think about home too much, I mean miss us but you're doing a good thing. I'm proud of ya."
Elder Reel - What every you do in your life, do it well.
Elder Reeves - Math and science can always get you a job if your life course changes.
Elder Daniel Reyes - Stop crying!
Elder Taylor Reyes - You'll be an awesome missionary! Behave and focus on the Lord's work!
Sister Ridley - I told my dad I wanna to be a missionary that I hope to go somewhere cheap. We both did the same weird laugh!
Elder Ringer - Excellence is a habit, not an act. Great kid, great day; Be loyal to the royal; The man I'm going to be is the man I'm becoming every day; Follow the Spirit; Choose the right; You could be answering someones prayers; WWIL; DDD; BALB
Elder Ririe - Remember who you are and what you stand for. I'm smarter than you. Quit talking.
Elder Robinson - Do your best, have fun and be safe. We love you.
Elder Romrell - "When the scriptures say 'if you bring only one soul unto God and your joy shall be great.' It's talking about you.
Elder Rumbach - Do your job wholeheartedly, obedience is better than sacrifice.

Elder Salinas - I'm happy that you are so far away so you cannot come back easily before your mission ends. That'll be a great damage in Satan's armies. Be wise.
Elder Sanders - Serve your companion, love your investigators.
Elder Saunders - Now you are ready to understand the atonement.
Elder Schmidt - Go about 10 over the speed limit. Work hard.
Elder Scola - Be punctual, obedient, responsible. no seas flajo
Elder Seaman - A lot of work--no play!
Elder Seljestad - Convert before baptism. Keep rules. Work hard.
Elder Sellers - Never give up, never surrender.
Elder Selvey - Pay attention to details and remember who you are.
Elder Shanklin - Work hard and the Lord will provide.
Elder Short - Always work hard. Don't make excuses.
Elder James Smith - Always do your best.
Elder Logan Smith - You don't dress for the ride, yo dress for the crash.
Elder Solis Lozano - Be the kind of missionary that the devil fears.
Elder Steenstra - Always work your hardest, when things get tough just suck it up and keep going.
Elder Stewart - Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down. It's OK to switch that up in the right situation.
Elder Stockett - Never assume or you'll make a donkey out of you and me.
Elder Stowell - Don't let Satan blind us. Beware of spiritual blindness.
Elder Strong - Go get 'em # 2 son!

Elder Joshua Tanner - If you expect great things you can be disappointed but if you aren't expecting much you can be pleasantly surprised. Keep your life clean enough so that if the Savior were to come tomorrow you'd be ready. Have you ever seen a General Authority without a suit coat on (when I didn't want to wear a suit coat).
Elder Kyle Tanner - What you think when there's nothing to think about is a strong indicator of your dedication to the work.
Elder Tautuiaki - Remember that you represent the Lord, the Gospel, our ward and our FAMILY.
Elder Till - Say what your're going to do, then do it better than you said.
Elder Tinoco - Learn all the I told you because there is going to be a time that you will say I should have listened to my dad. Don be slothful! Don't waste money.
Elder Titus - Onward and upward!
Elder Torgersen - You don't have to love it, but you do have to do it!
Elder Tunney - Dang it, Chandler!

Elder Van Etten - "Don t get comfortable on your mission." Dave Van Etten
Elder Vieira - Be wise with your money and serve everybody.

Elder Walker - Work hard and everything will work out.
Elder Weekes - The most important 6 inches on the field, and in life, are between your ears.
Elder Werner - "Tastes like manna from heaven!"
Elder Jeff West - Keep the faith. Enjoy your work!
Elder Kyle West - I'm very lucky to have your mom.
Elder White - Think before you speak, Cambo.
Elder Wilcock - Life is easy, except for when it's hard. When I was your age, I was about 16.
Treat your mom like she's my wife!
Elder Wilkerson - Never pass up an opportunity to help someone. Work hard, then play harder!
I love you.
Elder Wilson - Never give up, never surrender.
Elder Wissinger - Remember who you are.
Elder Wong - You're doing g a great work!
Elder Woodard - "Do do what your mother says." "Hurry up!"
Elder Woody - Remember who you are, son, and what you stand for.
Elder Wrathall - Make it count. My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.
(Pointing to his belly and balding head) This is your future!
Elder Wynn - Work hard.

Elder Zachary - Don 't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see with people like that


Best Wishes, Elder Edwards!

Elder Edwards left to go home a few weeks earlier than those that he came out with in
order for him to begin teaching school.
We wish you the best!