Train the New Missionaries and their Trainers

The new missionaries have been here for a few days now and hopefully
had a few missionary experiences.
As we see them, we see they are a little more at ease.
They, along with their companions (their trainers), had the opportunity
to come together with  President Andersen, President Webb, and the
Assistants to do a little more training to make sure the first 12 weeks are
off to a smooth start.
Elder Stewart, Elder Saunders
Sister Akemon, Sister Cornelsen
Elder Chase, Elder Bee
Sister Clutts, Sister Enszer
Elder Barker, Elder Lee
Sister Ridley, Sister Christensen
Elder Long, Elder Gonzales
Elder Robinson, Elder Campbell
Sister Mataele, Sister Belliston
Elder Vieira, Elder Mavromatis
Elder Hutchings, Elder Jones
Elder Lawniczak, Elder Steenstra
Elder Golden, Elder Reel
 Elder Blanco, Elder Kennedy

 Elder Koluse, Elder Zachary
 Elder Beddoes, Elder Sellers
 Elder Olive, Elder Smith
 Elder Reyes, Elder Pyron
Elder Titus, Elder Findlay
ElderWilson, Elder Ringer
Elder Cipriano, Elder George
Missing -
Sister Snider and Sister Pulsipher

Recent Visitors

We have had a few more visitors the past few weeks!
We realize there were many more visiting that
we did not get a chance to visit with.
Welcome back!
 Elder Steven Siddoway and his parents
Elder Ammon Cummings and  Elder Jacob Alcorn
 Elder Saul Callejas and his family
Elder Grant Jones parents



Redrock Zone District Meeting

Our weekly visits to the different zones to attend their District Meetings
took us to the Red Rock Zone this past week.

Mission Presidents Seminar

April 11th,12th and 13th  President Black and I went Scottsdale, Arizona to the North America Southwest Area Mission Presidents Seminar. We able to be with 18 other Mission Presidents and their wives who are serving in Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. It was nice to be able to talk with others who are sharing the same types of experiences. 
 We were taught by Elder Russell M. Nelson, Elder and Sister Tad Callister, Elder and Sister
 Stanley G. Ellis, Elder and Sister Larry Echo Hawk, and Brother Tracy Watson from the
 Missionary Department.
Elder Nelson taught about the Scattering and the Gathering of Israel, and how the Lord
 is hastening that gathering process. There is a lot of work that the missionaries as
well as the members of the church are being asked to do. 
 It was a wonderful "leadership training meeting"
and a great spiritual boost.
 This is a picture of the eight mission presidents and their wives  in this area that
will be released as of July 1.
Blacks (Nevada Las Vegas West), Sagers (Texas Fort Worth), Ellsworths (Arizona Mesa),
Howes (Arizona Tempe), Taylors (Oklahoma Oklahoma City), Millers ( New Mexico Albuquerque)
Trayners (Texas McAllen), Jones (Texas San Antonio)

 President and Sister Black (Las Vegas West Mission)
Elder and Sister Tad R.Callister
Elder Russell M. Nelson
President and Sister Hermanson (Reno Mission)
President and Sister Neider (Las Vegas Mission)


Comings and goings in the mission!

Elder and Sister Conder left last
 week as they completed their mission.  They
have been serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission
for the past 18 months.  We certainly do appreciate
all that they have done.  We thank them and wish them
well as they return home and look forward to new adventures!

We also say farewell to Sister Young who has been serving in the Employment
Office.  She has been a blessing to many, many people through her service.
Farewell and Best Wishes Sister Young!



As we say farewell to some, we also extend a warm welcome to Sister Dana.
She will be taking over Sister Conder's place, working with the baptismal records,
cell phones, and referrals.   Welcome to our office family!

We also welcome Sister Houseman to the mission.  Sister
Houseman is from Alberta Canada.  She will be working
in the Family Services Employment Center.


Transfers....A time for change! April 2013

Once again....transfers!
With this transfer we opened another
new zone....the Sandstone Zone.
This means that we now have 12
zones in the mission. 
Lot's of changes!
Lot's of room for growth!


"I can't believe it is over!"

How can 18 months or 2 years go by so fast!
It is time to again say good-bye to a great
group of missionaries. 
We love you and wish you the best as you
go forward experiencing new adventures!
 Temple trip before going home
 Elders Quintana, Barton, Austin, Packard, President and Sister Black,
 Sisters Garcia, Shaw, Carr, Arguetta

 Farewell Dinner
 Sister Carr
 Elder Quintana
Elder Packard
 Sister Garcia
 Elder Barton and Elder Austin
 Sister Arguetta
 Sister Shaw