Coming and Going!

Welcome, Elder Hartley!
We are happy to have you as part of the
Nevada Las Vegas West Mission  family!

Elder Christensen and Elder Justice left the mission a couple of weeks early. Elder Christensen was scheduled to have surgery on his shoulder and  Elder Justie was to start school just a few days after getting home.  We wish them both the best!

Elder Justice
Elder Christensen


Zone Conferences -- May 2012

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It is Zone Conference time again. Zone Conferences are held quarterly. The conferences are a time to bring multiple zones together for instruction and training.  Car inspections take place, new missionaries introduce themselves and those who will be leaving before the next Zone Conference have the opportunity to share their testimonies. Lunch is provided by a local Relief Society.
  There are nine zones in the mission. Four in the north area -- Reno, Reno North, Fallon and Carson City. There are five in the south area -- Tule Springs, Lone Mountain, Red Rock, Las Vegas and South.

Individual Zone Pictures
South Area
Lone Mountain Zone
 Elders Ringer, Christensen, Naval, Sisters Badger, Shaw, Elders Parra, Humphrey
Elders Andrews, Torgerson, Pennington, Smith;, Larson, Steenstra, Austin, Sanders, Alford

 Redrock  Zone
Elders Chambers, Cooper, Theurer, Sisters Leilua, Carr, Elders Horning, Bassett
Elders Polanco, Justice, Lougee, Lento, Guist, Edwards, Mendez, Christensen, Quintana, Solis, Rumbach, Baker, Manning

Tule Springs Zone
Elders Cook, Marks, Wong, Weaver, Layton, Lopez, Wissinger
Elders Kredt, Packard, Farnsworth, Selvey, Hugie, Koncurat,
Sisters Knighton, Spencer,  Dixon, Walker
Elder Pulsipher, Boyce, Peacock, McClellaln, Daines, Mathis, Dowuona-Hammond, Markle, Caudle

 South Zone
Elders Seaman, Bradsher, Jithame, Weekes, Sister Garcia, Sister Sprouse
Elders Patterson, Sajche, Werner, Barton, Jones, Skinner, Vieira, Diaz
Elders Rice, Woodard, Findlay, Williams, Brown, Tinoco, Neufville, Cather, Bunnell, Asay 

Las Vegas Zone
Elders Rogers, Mouser, Sister Dillistone, Sister Argueta, Elders Reyes, Barnes, Fairbanks
Elders Hurst, Butler, Wankier, Feldman, Hoskins, West, Lee, Ririe, Buchkovich, Summers

Senior Missionaries
Sister Young, Sister Anderton, Sister Macdonald
President and Sister Black, Elder and Sister Zobell
Elder Conder, Elder Dana

Car Inspection



Names were pulled out of a bucket to determine who
would present the 3 minute talk that each missionary was asked
to prepare on a Christlike attribute.
The winners were.....

Elder Andrews

 Elder Peacock

 Elder Larson

 Elder Packard

Elder Cook

 Elder Butler

 Elder Neufville

 Elder Asay
 Elder Sajche-Meza
Elder Barton
 We had some training on the importance of 30 minutes of exercise
each morning.  Thses Elders and Sisters are just getting ready to
demonstrate different ways to exercise


Elder Dana doing vehicle safety training

Elder Mathis and Elder Spencer training on teaching records

As part of our training  we continured to do role playing. The role playing took place in the   'living room' of the investigator. The lesson "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" was taught. There are six segments to the lesson. For every segment we called a different companionship to come up and teach . They had no advance notice and they had five minutes to teach the information. The investigators were Elder and Sister Zobell, with President Black as the member present.  It was an incredible experience to listen to the missionaries teach. Each companionship did a wonderful job.

 Elder Ringer and Elder Parra

Sister Walker and Sister Dixon

Elder Justice and Elder Mendez
Elder Mathis and Elder Marks
Elder McClellan and Elder Selvey
Elder Theurer and Elder Cooper


 Sister Argueta and Sister Dillistone 

 Elder Werner and Elder Weekes

 Elder Barnes and Elder Hurst

 Elder Barton and Elder Vieira

Elder Rogers and Elder Ririe

Lunch was served by the Highland Hills Stake Relief Society

Singing our Thank You song at the end of the lunch 


Lunch was served by the Sandstone Stake Relief Society

Singing "Thank You" after lunch

Following lunch we gathered together again to view and discuss one of the new
Bible videos from lds.org.  After the discussion we heard  testimonies from
the Elders and Sisters that will be leaving before the next Zone Conference. The conference ended with remarks and testimony from President and Sister Black.

Musical number by Sisters Dixon, Carr, Leilua, and Walker

Miscellaneous picutres after the conference