"I'll Be Home For Christmas"

The song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" had a little more meaning this year than ever before
for these missionaries. On December 18th, we had a farewell dinner and testimony meeting for Elder Tipa, who left the next morning to go home to Samoa. On December 19th after their farewell dinner and a testimony meeting, Elder Down's and Elder Graff's parents picked them up.  After a night of very little sleep, we headed to the airport with Elders Gawrych and Fulbright.  We  wished them all a  Merry Christmas and told them good-bye as they finished their missions. What a great Christmas
gift for their families!

Elder Tipa
Elders Downs, Fulbright, Graff and Gawrych, President and Sister Black
Elder Graff
Elder Downs
Elder Fulbright

Elder Gawrych


Merry Christmas! Leadership Training and Christmas Activity

During the month of December we held training meetings in the North and in the South. We invited all the missionaries to attend. The training was on "How to Begin Teaching". It was amazing as to the insights that we all gained as we shared experiences that we have had and also as we continue to role play.  We also had the opportunity to hear the testimonies of those missionaries who will soon be leaving.
After the morning meeting was over a Christmas Luncheon was served by the Sparks Stake Relief Society in the North and the Tule Springs Stake Relief Society in the South.  Both lunches were wonderful.  When lunch was over we returned to the chapel.  Elder Kiaha touched all of our hearts as he sang "O Holy Night".  We then watched the movie "17 Miracles".   What an incredible movie.   President Black asked if there was anyone who would like to share a miracle that they have experienced or felt in their life.  Many missionaries shared some pretty tender feelings as they shared with us the miracles that they have experienced.  The meeting was closed as President Black and I shared some of our own experiences and feelings and we all sang Silent Night.

The Las Vegas Stake Relief Society put together bags for all 200 of the missionaires in the mission. The bags were filled with a tie for the elders and a necklace for the sisters, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a pin, two boxes of cereal, some candy, a little book of quick and easy recipes, Christmas poems and stories.  Thank you!

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South Activity

The Relief Society led us in a rousing version of The 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!
President and Sister Black


Thanksgiving - Turkey Bowl

 It seems to be the tradition that on Thanksgiving morning a few friendly rounds of flag football are played. There were also plenty of supporters watching from the sidelines. This year was no different! Representatives from all zones were out on the field. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all!

The enitre Black family was there from Utah to
cheer from the sidelines.