Zone Leader Council -- South and North

Once a month we hold Zone Leader Council. This is where all the Zone Leaders come together for training and to discuss what is happening in the mission. Because geographically the mission has two different areas we hold two different Zone Leader Councils, one in Las Vegas and one in Reno. President Black is trying to arrange to go out teaching with each of the Zone Leader companionships in the evenings and is certainly enjoyed that opportunity.

Zone Leaders in Las Vegas

Elders Liddiard, Hensley, Hartman, Clavijo, Francis, Grady, Ferguson (Assistant)

Elders Spencer, Uland, Byers, Ainscough, Hill (Assistant)

Zone Leaders in Reno

Elders Ferguson, Hill (Assistants)

Elders Pearson, Kamalamalama, Davison, Burton, Taylor, Rice

President Black, President Rands

Missing: Elders Schleiffarth and Wilson