Temple Day

The missionaries are able to go to the temple quarterly.  Those in the north area attend the Reno Temple and those in the south area attend the Las Vegas Temple.
Because the Las Vegas Temple is outside the mission boundaries, those in the south depend upon members to give them rides to the temple.  Members are wonderful to the missionaries.  All 49 companionships were able to arrange  for members to take them to the temple.  The first group had to be at the temple at 6:30 a.n. and the second group at 7:30.  We certainly do appreciate all the help that the members in this area give to the missionaries. 
A great daywas enjoyed by all!
Reno Temple

Las Vegas Temple

Elders Polanco, Haynes, Quintana, Shamanis
(These are the only Elders that I got pictures of,we were in the temple as
others were coming and going)


Family Home Evening

We decided it was time for the senior missionaries to have a chance to get together. This past Monday we got together for dinner and for a family home evening lesson. It was fun evening.

Sisters Anderton, Young, Macdonald, Cantwell
President & Sister Black, Elder & Sister Conder, Elder & Sister Dana, Elder & Sister Zobell

Welcome...we are glad you are here!

Elder Sanft arrived in the mission on Monday morning. He was due to come wtih the last transfer but because of some heath problems he had to stay in the MTC for a few additional weeks. We are happy that he is finally here!


Mission Presidents' Seminar

This weekend has been the America Southwest Area Mission President Seminar.  Every six months these seminars are held at different locations throughout the America Southwest Area. This seminar was held here in Las Vegas.  We had the opportunity, along with seventeen other Mission Presidents and their wives to be taught by Elder Tad Callister, Elder Stanley G. Ellis and Brother Tracy Watson.

Elder Callister invited the Assistants and two Sisters from both  the Las Vegas West and the Las Vegas Missions to participate in a panel discussing how to most effectively use members in helping to teach lessons, in fellowshipping and in other ways. The discussion was great and the missionaries were amazing in answering the questions that were asked.
 All the missionaries with Sister Black, President Black, Elder Callister, President Neider

Elder Marks, Elder Mathis, Sister Badger and Sister Knighton
from our mission

House Calls!

When we were in Reno last weekend we took the opportunity to visit some of the Elders at their apartments. What a great way to spend a few hours!
 We took some time to share with each other what we all had studied during our personal study time that morning We loved visiting where they live and were impressed to see how clean their apartments were.

Elder Cedeno and Elder L.Solis

 Elder Baker, Elder Callejas, Elder Sandoval

Elder M. Solis, Elder Stuart

 Elder Peacock, Elder Wood

 Elder Stanton, Elder Daines

Elder Navarro, Elder Vilcapoma

Train the New Missionaries with their Trainers

A few days after new missionaires arrive the companionships come together for a meeting to review what they should be studying during their personal and companion study time.

The  new companionship follows a training schedule that includes studying from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and repractice.

By applying what they are learning in their studies each morning to their teaching
they are on their way to having a great mission experience.

 Elders Naval, Torgersen, Marks, Mathis
Elders  Laulusa, Bunnell, Petillot, Lines, Brown, Tonoco


April Zone Leader Council

Zone Leader Council is usually held the first week of each month. President Black and the Assistants train the Zone Leaders so that the Zone Leaders can go back and train the Zones and the District Leaders. Because transfers just took place there are changes that have taken place in the leadership of the mission. We have some new Zone Leaders and also a new Assistant.

 South Area
Elders Lento, Summers, Cooper, Mathis, Theurer, Marks, Humphreys,
Layton, Andrews, Camp, Corvalan, Rice

 North Area
Elders Carr, Clapp, Lougee, Smithey, Mathis, Marks, Siddoway
Cook, Feldman, Denker

Assistants to the President
Elder Marks and Elder Mathis

Transfers...April 3, 2012

Once again...
new companions,
new beds to sleep in,
new wards to work in
new investigtors,
new people to contact,
new experiences!

(Elder Conder was also taking pictures the day of transfers.
When I went to upload all the pictures they came up in three different
files.  Rather than pick and choose what pictures to use,
I decided to post them all!
I hope you don't go crazy trying to watch them!)


Time to say goodbye!

We can't believe how fast six weeks can pass!
It is again time to say good-bye to another group of
missionaries as they finish their missions. 
It is always bittersweet for us as we bid them
farewell, but we wish them the best as the venture off
for new adventures and experiences.
We love you!
Elders Grover, Rogers , Sugiyama, Hensley, Johnson, Liddiard
President Black, Sister Black, Sister Maumau

 Elder Sugiyama
 Elder Johnson
Elder Liddiard
Elder Hensley
 Elder Grover
Sister Maumau
Elder Rogers
(Elder Rogers plane was supposed to leave at 8:10 am, we were unaware that the flight was changed to 7:05 am so he missed it. We arranged for him to be on another flight at 12:30, that was later cancelled due to weather in Dallas. He finally flew out of Las Vegas at 10:30 pm and arrived home at 10:00 the next morning with a long layover during the night. What a trip home!)
Our last good-byes!


The group of new missionaries coming in this transfer was small.
However, for what we lacked in quantity we gained in quality!
We welcome two new elders into the mission... Elder Petillot and Elder Torgersen
We are happy you are here.

 Elder Torgersen and Elder Petillot

 Elder Torgersen
 Elder Petillot
 Signing the missioinary board


Filling the Font!

Elder Corvalan, Elder Farmer, Elder Buchkovich and Elder Layton went to a baptism where the missionaries forgot to fill the baptismal font.  As fast as they could they filled the font using buckets, bowls and anything else they could find!