Zone and District Meetings

South Zone Meeting

Activity demonstrating working together in unity District Meeting

Practicing extending commitments by doing role plays

Mission Tour

The mission recently had an incredible experience. Elder Kevin W. Pearson, of the First Quorum of the Seventy, visited our mission for a mission tour. On Monday morning, October 11, Elder Pearson, his wife, President Black and I met with all the leaders of the mission for an hour and from there went into a meeting with all of the missionaries in the Las Vegas area. The meetings began at 8:00 and ended at 4:00. We then left for the airport to fly to Reno to do the same with the missionaries in the Reno area on Tuesday. The meetings were unbelievable. The missionaries have not quit talking about what a great experience it was. It was a spiritual high for everyone!

Elder Kevin W. Pearson

The North Area

The South Area

Zone Leader Council in the North and South

Zone Leaders in the North
Elders Ainscough, Rice, Wilson, Snow, Constantino,Davison, Crossett,
Schleiffarth, (Ferguson and Martin -assistants)

Zone Leaders in the South
Elders Davis, Hill, Ferguson, Pearson
Elders Martin, Dunkley, Hartman, Uland, Clavijo, Modawell, Burton, Francis

Transfer Number Three!

Another marvelous work and a wonder played out as transfers took place again. The van from Reno came down full of missioinaries being transferred to the Las Vegas area and then it filled back up as it took others from Las Vegas being transferred to the Reno area. Then there are all those other missionaries being transferred here, there and everywhere in between!

Another Bittersweet Farewell

Elders Pierce, Mower, Gregson, Rodriguez, Riddick, Marshall, Raposa

Another group of elders finished their service as missionaries on October 4th. We had a farewell dinner and a testimony meeting before taking time to sign journals and settle down for a few hours of sleep. At, what seemed like still the middle of the night, everyone was up, showered, dressed, packed and eating breakfast before loading up the trailer to head to the airport. Again, it was a bittersweet farewell to a group we have come to love.


Interviews With Those Living in the South

Once quarterly every missionary is interviewed by President Black. It took three and a half days to interview the 83 missionaries serving in the northern part of the mission. Those serving in the north come from Tonapah, Yerrington, Fernley, Fallon, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Hawthorne, Carson City, Dayton, Gardnerville, Reno, Sun Valley, Incline Village, Sparks, and Susanville, Truckee, and Blairsden, California.

A few days later the interview process took place again, this time in the southern part of the mission. There are 112 missionaries serving in the Las Vegas and Pahrump.

As President Black is interviewing the missionaries one on one I get to spend time with the companion and others who are waiting. It is a great time to get to know them. We talk about their lives, their families, their plans, the experiences they have had and the work they are doing. As far as interviews....I think I get the better part of the deal!

Elders Wiscombe, Hubbard, Gardner, Flores, Sullivan

Sister Cockrell & Sister Beeston

Elders AhMu, Carlson

Elders Carleton, Moreno, Elmer, Cole, Tanner
Elders Hartmann & Uland

Elders Estes, Rolfson, Grover, Stepherson, Kempton, Cook

Elders Sorenson & Jones

Elders Liddiard, Roberts, Norman, Fackrell, Powell

Elders Cooper, Lloyd, Hugie, McCoy

Elders Brown, Torres, Neufville, Cevallos, Irwin

Elders Burton, Francis, Graff, Tindall

Elders Rothert, Lopez, Archondo, Siebach
Elders Simmons, Figuerrez, Lento, Stucki, Barnard, Marks

Elders Modawell, Clavijo, Jones, Smithey

Elder Kamalamalama, Towns, Wright, Bassett
Sister Knuteson & Sister Warnock

Elders Smith, Pinkerton, Mabeza, Bertagnole
Elders Rollins, Marsh, Byers, Theurer, Fetner, Childs

Elders Hill and Pearson

Sister Johnson and Sister Maumau

Elders Lougee, Stevens, Matekel, Robison

Elders Mismash, Tipa, Anderson

Elders Nunnally & Daines

Elders Dunn, Reyes Sanchez, Bird

Elders Tullis, Reid, Robinson, Rice

Elders Bowser, Tapusoa, Cooper, Blakemore, Boyce

Elders Davis, Justice, Quick, Dunkley

Elders Christensen & Fish

Elders Wallace, Peters, Ostler, Spencer

Elders Kraft, Richards, Kiaha, Burch