Specialized Training with new missionaries and their trainers

Well, it has been three weeks since our new group of missionaries came into the mission.
They have had a chance to really experience missionary work, to get to know their
companions, meet some ward members and to teach some lessons to investigators.

We had a meeting this morning just to find out how everyone is doing.
The report was, they are doing great! They seem to be enjoying what
Front row - Elders Golden, John, Chapman, Lapeyrouse, John, Jacobsen
Back row - Elders Marstella, Gray, Manning, Johnson, Wong, Nunez, Tewes, Mulivai

How about these two companions....
look a-likes!
Elder Lapeyrouse and Elder Chapman

Welcome back!

With school being out, we have had a few visitors.
We love it when we have the chance to see missionaries that have gone home and
have come back to Las Vegas for a visit.
The past week or so we have had a few visitors stop by.

Sister Woznow
Sister Dixon

 Elder Camp and his sister

Elders Tipa, Welker, Clavijo, Modawell

Elder Tindall was here for the turkey bowl


Merry Christmas!

We love the Elders and Sisters that are serving in the
Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We appreciate parents and family and friends
that are such a great support to them. 
Christmas in the mission is different.
Recently a friend sent the following to me--
1. Last Christmas we were counting our money;
this Christmas we are counting our blessings.

2. Last Christmas we were giving thanks for gifts from stores;
this Christmas we are giving thanks for gifts from our Heavenly Father.
3. Last Christmas we valued things that were costly;
this Christmas we value things that are holy.
4. Last Christmas we were wrapping gifts;
this Christmas we are wrapped up in the work. 

5. Last Christmas we looked into people's eyes when we spoke;
this Christmas we look into their hearts.
6. Last Christmas we prayed to obtain a testimony;
this Christmas we pray to share our testimony with others.
7. Last Christmas we were impatient with the weaknesses of others;
this Christmas we are working on our own.
8. Last Christmas we read the scriptures as a duty;
this Christmas we read them as a joy.
9. Last Christmas we thought it was enough to celebrate the holidays;
this Christmas we are finding ways to consecrate them.
10. Last Christmas Las Vegas was just a place on a map;
this Christmas it is a place in our hearts.
Las Vegas is a place in all of our hearts.
There are wonderful people here, we have incredible experiences, we see miracles take place in
people's lives as they embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel blesses families,
it brings peace....a peace that comforts and sustains and blesses.  The gospel brings
us a sense of knowing who we are, that we are children of a loving Father in Heaven,
the gospel brings us happiness.
We love being part of the missionary work taking
place in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
Merry Christmas!

The Book of Mormon.....A Gift of Gold

 Training and Christmas Activity
This past week we held two training meetings for the mission. Five zones attended one and four zones attended the other.  The theme for the training was "The Book of Mormon--A Gift of Gold."  We talked about the miracle of The Book of Mormon, how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ and draws people nearer to God, and The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion.
We also had the opportunity to learn by role-playing.
After the morning meeting was over a Christmas luncheon was served.  One day the
 luncheon was prepared by the Meadows Stake Relief Society and the other day
 by the Las Vegas Stake Relief Society.  Both lunches were absolutely
wonderful....a real Christmas feast! 
When the lunch was over we returned to the chapel where we were favored by the zone leaders and assistants singing, "Book of Mormon Stories" and the senior missionaries singing "The Golden Plates Lay Hidden."  We then watched the movie "Joseph Smith -- Plates of Gold."  The movie portrays the events that lead up to the publishing of The Book of Mormon.  The activity closed with a few of the missionaries sharing how The Book of Mormon has changed their lives and by each missionary receiving a hardbound copy of the book and and being asked to again read it and highlight each reference to Jesus Christ, His attributes and His words spoken by Him or by prophets.

The Las Vegas Stake Relief Society prepared gift bags for all of the missionaries in the mission. The bags were made to look like snowmen and filled with  socks, toothpaste, a toothbrush,  boxes of cereal, some candy, a little book of quick and easy recipes, and a Christmas story.  

A family in the mission also gave each missionary a shirt with the mission logo embroidered on it. 
The missionaries put them on for zone pictures.

Highland Hills Zone

Lone Mountain Zone

Mesquite Zone

Tule Springs Zone

Senior Missionaries
Lakes Zone

Redrock Zone

Spring Mountain Zone

South Zone

Las Vegas Zone

Senior Missionaries

Highlight and click the link below to see more pictures:


We are saying good-bye to some and hello to others!

Because we are close to Salt Lake City and also because we have a
consulate here in Las Vegas we have the opportunity to have
missionaries come to the mission until they can get their
visas to enter the country where they have been called to serve.
Elder Pena and Elder Barralaga have been in the mission about six weeks and just received their visas. They are on their way to Mexico to the missions where they have been called to serve. We loved having them here and wish luck as they go serve the Lord
in the Mexico.
 Elder Pena
(Elders Scola, Blanco, Doss, Pena, Skinner, Baker)
Elder Barralaga
(Elder Barralaga, Short, Schmidt)

The same day that we took them to the airport to leave for Mexico,
we picked up Elder Longman and Elder Burton.  They have also been called to
serve in Mexico, but will be serving in Las Vegas until their visas come.
We are happy they are here and hope they enjoy their experience!

 Elder Longman

Elder Burton


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the mission office.
Sister McMillan and Sister Conder have been busy decorating.
They put the names of each missionary on the ornaments.
The missionaries have had a fun time as they come to the office
trying to find their ornament.
O Christmas Tree!

Elder Fairbanks and Elder Weekes
Elder Salinas and Elder Reyes
Elder Sanders and Elder Conklin
Elder Buchkovich and Elder Gidewall
Elder Peacock and Elder Lee
Elder Lopez
Elder Oakey and Elder Edwards

Elder Zachary

Elder Woodard and Elder Lane

Elder Larson, Elder Ringer, Elder Mouser

Elder Chambers, Elder Weaver

Elder Pennington, Elder Jacobsen

Sister Anderton

Sister Belliston and Sister Dillistone

Sister Macdonald
Elder and Sister McMillan

Elder and Sister Conder
President and Sister Black

Transfers...December 10, 2012



Elder Conder took lots of pictures....
to see additional pictures taken at transfers click on the link below


Until We Meet Again!

 Six weeks have flown by!
It is again time to say good-bye to another group of
missionaries as they finish their missions.
Elder Gott had to leave a week earlier than Elder Weaver and Elder Rogers.
He is from Canada and his VISA expired just a few days before
his scheduled release date.
It is always with mixed feelings that we say good-bye, but
we are excited as each missionary returns home and opens
a new chapter in their book of life.
We wish each of you the very best... and
a very Merry Christmas!

Elder Gott
.......with great anticipation of going home for Christmas!
Elder Weaver, Elder Rogers, Sister Black, President Black
Elder Weaver
Elder Rogers
One final farewell pose!