Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Last week on preparation day all the cars in the mission were 'parked' and all district and zone activities were cancelled.  The missionaries were asked to stay home and clean, not just straighten, their apartments and their cars. We are following up on that activity by going around and checking the apartments to see how they are maintaining the cleanliness.

  Sister Zobell and I have put on our aprons and our rubber gloves and started our
 'white glove' inspection!
Elders Mendez, Fetner, Bassett and Mouser doing some last minute touch ups!
(Elder Mendez is recuperating after having his appendix taken out)
Elders Sajche-Meza and Edwards cleaning up the kitchen.

Sisters Felagai, Woznow and Leilua showing off their gold stars
for a job well done!



Sister Cantwell and Sister Young just arrived after going through training at the MTC.  They will be working in the LDS Employment Services Office. They both come from Utah and are ready to go to work.  Welcome to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission!


Training the Trainer and the New Missionary

The Missionary Department has implemented a new program, In-field Training for New Missionaries. Because the responsibility to train a new missionary is so important and because the trainer has such a profound and lasting influence of the new missionary's attitudes, habits, and ability to fulfill his or her purpose, the new program allows for an additional 60 minutes to be spent in companion study for the first 12 weeks of the new missionary's mission. The companionship will be following a training schedule that will include study from Preach My Gospel, watching DVDs that have been provided, and applying the training model through role playing; to explain, demonstrate, practice, evaluate and repractice.
Meetings are held for the trainer before the new missionary comes to the mission to teach how to apply the program.  Once the new missionary and the trainer are together there is another meeting held to train the companionship together. Those who have started this program have thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the training that it provides for both the new missionary and the senior companion.

Train the Trainers Meeting in the South

 Train the Trainers meeting in the North

Train the New Missionary with the Trainer Meeting in the North


October 18, 2011 - "Transfers - A time for change.....a time to commit to live together in unity and love with new companions in new areas.

"I can't believe it has been two years!"

These are the words of the missionaries as they come to the mission home the night before they leave to go home.
 "It seems like it was just yesterday that I got here!"
"It hasn't hit me yet that I'm really leaving!"
 "Just think, tomorrow at this time I will be......."
 "Do I really have to go?"
"I have loved my mission!"

Tuesday, October, 18, we said good-bye to twelve missionaries as they finished their missions.
Once again, it was a bitter-sweet farewell.  Once again, we wish them the best as they head out on their next big adventure in life!

 Elder Moreno
 Sister Mack
 Elder Kamalamalama
 Elder Taylor
 Elder Rothert
 Elder Askham
 Elder Norman
 Elder Irwin
 Elder Jimenez
 Elder Tapusoa
 Elder Valez
 Elder Clavijo
Elder Sullivan
(Elder Sullivan left a few weeks early to start school)

From the MTC to the Mission

On Monday morning, October 17, twenty two new missioinaries arrived at the airport straight from the MTC.  We took them to the mission home, fed them, did orientation with them, took them to the mission office, fed them again and did some more orientation.
The hardest thing for them was trying to stay awake!
Their day began at 3:00 a.m. getting ready to leave the MTC, get to the airport,  board the plane and at 9:50 a.m. begin their service in the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.
We are sure happy they are here!

 Elder Palmer

Elder Butler

 Elder Werner

Elder McFadden

Elder Brown

Elder Stuart

Elder Peacock

 Sister Porter

 Elder Koncurat

 Elder Wissinger

Siste Carr

Sister Shaw

Elder Pennington

Elder Florschutz

Elder Haynes

Elder Skinner

 Elder Harker

 Elder Pickens

 Elder Sohkanen

 Elder Sajche-Meza

 Elder Findlay

Sister Garcia

Quarterly Interviews in the south part of the mission

Redrock Zone
 Elder Irwin, Elder Petersen
 Elders Burch, Wright, Hugie, Wong, Brough
 Elder Paipa, Elder Neufville
 Elders Alcorn. Tindall, Alexander, Pinkerton
 Elder Clavijo and Elder Welker
 Elders Jimenez, Smith, Hawkins, Rogers
Elder Retuerto, Elder Vilcapoma

Las Vegas Zone

 Elder Wilson, Elder Mathis
 Elders Clapp, Austin, Weed, Fulbright, Larson, Graff
 Sister Knighton and Sister Mack
Elders Seaman, Smithey, Askham, Solis, Quintana, Stanton

South Zone
 Elder Rogers and Elder Sugiyama

Elders Siddoway, Humphrey, Cook, Larson

Elder Callejas, Feldman, Ringer, Asay

Elders Altamirano, McPherson, Kakau, Layton

Elder Andrews, Elder Sandoval

 Elders Rumbach, Larsen, Norman, Jithame,  Estes, Young

Sister Dixon, Sister Felagai

Tule Springs Zone

 Elder Bunnell and Elder Chamberlain

Elder Bush and Elder Kiaha

 Elders Bassett, Millington, Mendez, Fetner

Elders Edwards, Christensen, Wood, Taylor

Sisters Woznow, Sister Leilua

Elders Pomee, Justice, Robison, Norris

Elders Lee, Harless, Daines, McMoy, Marks, Chambers

Lone Mountain Zone
Elder Stevens, Elder Josephson

Elders Bertagnole, Robinson, Carr, McOmie

 Sister Dillistone and Sister Sprouse

Elders Packard, Childs, Sellers, Bell, Jones, Dowuona-Hammond

Elders Farnsworth, Alford, Boyce

Miscellaneous pictures during interviews