Some of the recent baptisms that have taken
place in the mission.



April Zone Leader Council

The  Zone Leaders, the Assistants, and President and Sister Black
meet monthly as a council and discus ways to help build and
lift the mission as well as to do some training.
Bottom Row - Elders Woodard, Butler, Johnson, Zachary, Parker, Carlson
Middle Row - Elders Seaman, Manning, Alford, Torgersen, Wilcock, West, Perea, Brown
Top Row - Elders Edwards, Ririe, Caudle, Larson, Findlay, Vieria, Dowuona-Hammond
Missing - Elders Kredt and Werner

Leadership Training Meeting - March

We held our quarterly Leadership Training Meeting for all the Zone Leaders, District
Leaders and for all the Trainers. The purpose for this training is to help enhance
the teaching skills of the mission leaders. The topics for training were
Revelation Through the Book of Mormon and Revelation through Prayer.
There was some good training, some good discussion and
once a gain a wonderful lunch was served.

Training by Elder Dowuona-Hammond and Elder Alford
Training by Elder Carlson and Elder Parker
Training by Elder Vieira and Elder Wilcock

Elders Perea, Perez, Sisters Rasmussen, Dewey, Christensen, Cox
Elders Pennington, Steenstra, Empey, Kaelberer, Sisters Ali'ifua, Luamanu,
Elders Smith, Elder Wrathall, Sisters McKnight, Shaw

Elders Lane, Reeves, Seaman, Peacock, Sister Hansen, Elder Reyes, Sister Garcia, Elder Ririe
Elders Diaz, Buchkovich, Wilcock, Vieira, Wynn
Elders Larson, Oakey, Kraft, Millar, Godfrey
Elders Mouser, Butler, Seljestad, Murry
Elders Zachary, Edwards, Gregory-Tews, Torgersen, Chambers, Parker, Carlson
Elders Bruce, Caudle, Manning, Herlin, Jacobsen
Elders Sanders, Deppe, Gray, Tanner, Conklin, Barlow, Johnson
Elders Dowdle, Brown, Hunsaker, Schmidt, Sellers, John, Driggs, Houghton
Elders Weekes, West, Jones, Findlay
Elders Guillian, Crapo, Hurst, Park, Doss, Jones, Aldridge, Woodard
Relief Society sisters who served the lunch



Tule Springs District Meetings

This week we attended the Tule Springs District Meetings.
The training was on Faith in Jesus Christ. 
Elder Aldridge and Elder Godfrey, the district leaders,
did a wonderful job in their presentations.
President, Sister Black Elders Larson, Kraft, Woodard, Ballard, Biggs, Polanco, Dowdle,
Elders Godfrey, Aldridge Sister Ali'ifua, Elder Bee, Sister Long, Elders Miller, Houghton


Specialized Training for the New Missionaries and their Trainers

It has been almost a month since our newest missionaries entered the mission.
Last week we gathered all the new missionaries and their trainers together
to hear of some of their experiences, their concerns and their successes.
There was some great discussion. 
We have great missionaries in our mission!