Welcome to Las Vegas!

On October 4 we welcomed eleven new elders and one new sister to the mission. There are only 12 sisters serving in the entire mission so Sister Maumau was welcomed with open arms!
We greeted them at the airport, went to the mission home for breakfast and some orientation. We then traveled to the mission office for lunch and more orientation. Later in the afternoon they paired up with missionaires serving in the Las Vegas area. They had the opportunity to teach that evening and stay in missionary apartments. The next morning they were given the assignments to their new areas and met their new companions.
We are always excited for new missionaries to come....they are happy, excited, apprehensive, tired, hungry, ready to hit the ground running and full of anticipation as to who they will be serving with and where they will be serving. Most have never been to Las Vegas before and are surprised to learn that Las Vegas Boulevard is only one little street in this massive valley!

Elders Clapp, Humphrey, Marks, Justice, Smithey, Christensen,
Sister Maumau, Elders McClellan, Fackrell, Vilcapoma, Flores, Burch
President and Sister Black

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