New Missionaries!

We are always happy to welcome new missionaries to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission. We love greeting them at the airport. They are so excited, have so many questions, are nervous, tired, hungry, and are ready to hit the ground running! After a full day of orientation, they spend the evening with a companionship of Elders, go to dinner at a member's home and have the opportunity to teach investigators. The next morning they meet their new companions, find out where they will be serving and are off, ready to go to work!

Elder Alcorn
Elder Alvarez
Elder KakauElder Larsen
Elder Millington


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you Sister Black!!!! It is such a great blessing to have the ability to "see" that all is well with our Elder Alvarez! Thank you for the pictures:):)
    Sister Alcorn, Our son mentioned how much he liked your son and that they were comps. in the MTC. He told us that he is very spiritual and when they had "mock discussions" that he just opened up and "knew everything". Way to go Mom, you raised a GREAT missionary:):)

  2. Again, thank you so much for posting these pictures. It means so much for me to see that smile on Elder Alcorn's face! These pictures are the first time I have seen Elder Alcorn with his missionary tag. It is a nice sight to see.
    Sister Alvarez, I was informed that Elder Alvarez was the best companion that Elder Alcorn could have asked for.

  3. Sister Black I think this website is great. I loved it when my son Elder Millington told me about it in his letter home. The one I guess he was writing in the picture above. It gives me peace of mind to see how happy he looks and a great way to hear from other missionary Mum's as well. He is serving with Elder Williams from Indiana so if his Mum sees this I would love to hear from her. Thanks again for this Sister Black.