Christmas in the South Pole

During the month of December we continued to have training meetings in the North and in the South. Our training for this session was "Revelation Through Prayer". It is amazing as to the insights that are gained as we share experiences and as we continue to role play.

After the morning meeting was over we were served a "Holiday Feast" by the Highland Hills Stake Relief Society in the South and the Reno Stake Relief Society in the North. At the end of lunch we watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas and after the movie we had a spontaneous talent show..... entertainment by none other than the missionaries! We had songs, memories, kazoo bands, more songs, and a lot of fun. We had a white elephant gift exchange and then out of nowhere Santa came running in ringing his bells! Since transfer calls will be made on Christmas night, Santa listened as the missionaries shared with him their wishes for where they wanted to go for their next transfer! Santa told them he had a direct link with President Black and would try to help them out! Then he was gone just as fast as he appeared.

The only thing we all felt bad about was that President Black was no where to be found the whole time Santa was there so he didn't hear any of the wishes! Wouldn't you know it...he showed up after the party was over!

The Las Vegas Stake Relief Society sisters made Christmas sacks filled with
a fleece scarf, popcorn ball, a Book of Mormon, toothbrush, candy, and
other things.


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