Quarterly Interviews

Quarterly President Black has the opportunity to interview each missionary in the mission. Two weeks ago we spent a morning in Fallon, an afternoon in Carson City, and the next two days in Reno interviewing a total of 83 missionaries in the northern part of the mission. The next week we spent three 10 hour days interviewing the 113 missionaries in the southern part. Each interview lasts only about 10 minutes but it is a great opportunity to sit face to face with each Elder and Sister to see how they are doing.

While President Black was interviewing one on one I was able to check each companionship's Area Books, making sure that they were up to date and complete. It was also a great time to spend visiting with the missionaries. I purchased a game of Dinnertime Conversation Starters, different questions to initiate conversation. It was fun as the missionaries took turns answering different questions. We learned a lot about each other!

Elder Simmons and Elder Figuerrez

Elder Callejas and Elder Modawell
Elders Hill, Davison, Burton, Ferguson
Elders Stevens, Modawell, Lougee

Elders Fish, Boyce, Gawrych, Pinkerton

Sister Neeley, Sister Johnson, Sister Maumau

Elders Robison, Constantino, Rogers, Crossett, Dunn, Miller

Elders Hartmann, Hensley, Theurer, Petersen

Elders Weaver, Sullivan, Fetner, Childs

Elder and Sister Kite

Elder Bassett and Elder Coad

Sister Warnock, Sister Cloward, Sister Chapman

Elders Josephson, Smithey, Lento, Ah mu

Elders J. Rice, Paul, Wright, Sorenson

Elders Moreno, Dunkley, Elmer, Naval
Elders Clavijo, Grady, Nunnally, Blakemore

Elders Reid, McPherson, Elder Tipa, Tapusoa

Elders Jones, Mabeza, Johnson, Tanner

Elders Christensen, Bertagnole, C. Williams, Justice

Elders Kiaha, Liddiard, Ainscough, Burch
Elders Alvarez, Snow, Sombke, Powell

Sister Sprouse and Sister Cockrell

Elders Alcorn, Stucki, Barnard, Marks

Elders Lopez, Retuerto, Neufville, Rothert, J. Martin

Elders Boone, Spencer, Francis, Zegarra, Torres

Elders Rolfson, McClellan, Marsh, Graff
Elders Wallace, Rogers, Kempton, Asay

Elders Fackrell, Roberts, Lloyd, Cooper
Elders Flores, Bush, Richards, Wiscombe
Elders Downs, Corvalan, McOmie, Schank

Elders Camp, Bowe, Layton, Irwin

Elders Sine, Peters, Cook, Siebach

Sister Rummler and Sister Kim

Elders Reyes Sanchez, Cevallos

Elders Lane, Williams, Kamalamalama, Pearson

Sister Kartchner and Sister Mack

Elders Barnes, Villalobos, Andrews, Hubbard

Elders Barnes, Sugiyama, Carleton, Hubbard, Sister Larsen, Elder Larsen

Elders Taylor, Pomee, Estes, Rice

Elders Sellers, Marler, Fulbright, Daines

Elders Hawkins, Robinson, Quick, Millington

Elders McCoy, Jimenez, Ethington, Grover, Feldman

Elders Cedeno, Larsen, Davis, Chamberlain

Elders Kakau, Zanudo, Tindall, Terry

Elders Christensen, Henderson, Clapp, Matekel

Elders Schleiffarth, Wilson, Marin, Velez

Elders Hansen, Farnsworth, N:. Martin, L. Smith

Elders Welker, Trapp, Askham, Bunnell, Humphrey, Bowzer

Elders Towns, Moser, Mathis, Bradsher

Elders Norman, Bello, Vilcapoma, M. Smith

Elders Ostler and Brough


  1. Seeing these just made my day! Thank you for all that you do!!! We love you and President Black and are so grateful for all that you do for our Elders and Sisters:)

  2. These pictures are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to post them. It is so nice to get a glimpse into Elder Justice's life there. He loves you both so much!!! Thank you for all you do. It must be a very challenging and rewarding work you are called to do. You are in our prayers.