Straight From the MTC

Welcome to the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission! We were excited to greet three new Sisters and five new Elders at the airport last week. They were so excited, had so many questions, were nervous, tired, hungry, and were ready to hit the ground running! After a full day of orientation, they spent the evening with a companionship of Elders or Sisters, went to dinner at a member's home and had the opportunity to teach investigators. The next morning they met their new companions, found out where they would be serving and were off, ready to go to work!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

A day full of orientation.

Sister Leilua

Sister Knighton

Sister Dixon

Elder Carr

Elder Denker

Elder Guist

Elder Siddoway

Elder Thompson

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these! You really made my day " D

    Sister Terri Carr