Welcome to the Church

The mission had 873 baptisms in 2010. We welcome each one of them into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. Each one who gets baptized has a story to tell. What a change of life it is for many of them. What a great strength they are to the wards where they live.

Last week a young lady in Reno was baptized. Ashia began meeting with the missionaries about a month ago and knew from the beginning that that which she was being taught was true. She set a baptismal date and called and told her father who lived in Hawaii. The only problem is that Ashia’s father is an elder in another religious congregation. She immediately began receiving discouraging email and texts from that congregation. A few days before her baptism, her father flew in for the day to convince Ashia that what she was doing and that what she was listening to was wrong and that he was there to talk her out of being baptized. He basically told her to decide between being part of his family or part of the LDS Church. She had one hour to make that decision. Well, Ashia was baptized. As she stood and bore her testimony she said that she knew that what she did was right, she was happy and had faith that with time she will again be part of her family and that with time they will understand and also maybe be part of the Church of Jesus Christ.

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  1. What an amazing woman! Thank you for sharing her story.