You are in our Thoughts!

We wish we had kept track of the number of times we have made the trip to the airport. It seems like some weeks that we are there almost every day.

This month we have said good-bye to a number of missionaries that have left our mission for a variety of different reasons.

We wished three visa waiters, Elders Hyer, Hedrick and Hardy, well as they anxiously departed to serve in Brazil...the mission to where they were called. There is still one visa waiter waiting for his visa. Those that left have corresponded back saying "enjoy the states while you can!"

Three other Elders, Elder Rollins, Elder Walker and Elder Stepherson, have gone home on a medical release. One had terrific headaches, and after a week in the hospital it was determined that going home for help would be best. Another went home with back problems. And another had some other heath issues that needed to be cared for. As we told them good-bye at the airport we assured them that they will be welcomed with opened arms if their health will allow them to return.

Elders Theurer, Petersen, Hardy, Hedrick
Elder Hyer

Elders Bush, Walker, Flores

Elder Rollins

Elders Schank, McOmie, Stepherson, Uland, Byers

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