Training...Lessons 7 and 8

We have just finished our second round of leadership training. The training comes from "Fundamentals From Preach My Gospel; Teaching More Effectively." The purpose of the training has been to teach the missionaries to become better teachers. It is the foundation for what they know, feel, and do to teach the gospel effectively. The lessons have been powerful and very effective.

We have heard from many of the missionaries that by applying the principles they have been taught that they are having great success and experiencing miracles.

Training in the north part of the mission.

Training in the north area of the mission.

We left beautiful spring weather in Las Vegas and went to beautiful winter weather in Reno.

We really do more than just eat in our mission! It seems that almost all the pictures that I post are pictures of the missionaries eating. That is because we have some wonderful Stake Relief Society Presidencies who are willing to prepare and serve lunch on the days that we are together for trainings and for conferences. We certainly do appreciate all that they do for us.


  1. Thank you so much for posting current updates and pics of our missionaries.
    We are big fans of this blog!

  2. Anonymous4/18/2011

    I loved seeing my son smiling. I love getting his e-mails and witnessing his spiritual growth. Thanks for the photos and the music is very nice.