Full Mission Zone Leader Council

Quarterly the Zone Leaders from the north area of the mission travel south, those from the south area travel north and we all meet in Tonopah which is about 3 1/2 hours coming from either direction. We meet together in Zone Leader Council. This is a meeting for all the Zone Leaders have to opportunity to meet together for sharing ideas, for discussion of the mission and for training. Ordinarily, this meeting is held both in the north and in the south as two separate meetings. It was great to be all together.

Elders Valez, Tapusoa, Pearson, Hill, Hensley, Josephson, Rice
Towns, Kamalamalama, Stucki, Spencer, Kiaha, Byers, Stevens, Liddiard, Williams,
Pomee, Schleiffarth, Irwin, Bush, Matekel

President and Sister Andersen, President and Sister Black, President Rands

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