On to the next chapter.......

On the evening of June 13th we had a farewell dinner and testimony meeting with the ten Elders that are leaving our mission. This is always a bittersweet evening. We love the missionaries that serve here and it is always hard to tell them good-bye but we are also excited to see them move on to the next chapter in their lives....education, marriage, carreers. We wish you the best!

 Elder Hartman

 Elder Wiscombe

 Elder Terry

 Elder Coad

 Elder Uland

 Eldere Davis

 Elder Carleton

 Eldere Stucki

 Elder Burton

 Elder Pearson

We also released four Elders to go home a little bit early so they could
spend some time with their family before leaving home again to start school. 
Good Luck as you hit the books!

Elder Jacob Martin

Elder Hill
Elder Modawell and Elder Nick Martin

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