June Zone Leader Council - North and South

As missioaries go home, changes take place in leadership. Elder Hill went home a few weeks ago and Elder Schlieffarth was called to serve as the new Assistant to the President. We appreciated all that Elder Hill did and we welcome Elder Schlieffarth on board. We also welcome some new Zone Leaders, some new District leaders and some new trainers who have been asked to serve. We appreciate all who have been serving in these assignments and welcome those who have recently been asked to serve.

Zone Leader Councils

Elders Stevens, Rice, Kiaha, Pearson, Schleiffarth, Liddiard, Irwin, Matekel, Tapusoa, Stucki

Elders Williams, Rice, Pomee, Schlieffarth, Spencer, Josephson, Towns, Hensley, Kamalamalama, Valez, Bush, Byers
Elders Rice, Hill, Schlieffarth

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