Interviews - June 2011

It is unbelievable how fast quarterly interviews come around! President Black interviews all the missionaries. Each interview is 10 minutes. With 180 missionaries times 10 minutes each (often times the 10 minute limit turns into 15 or 20 minutes) this equals at least 30 to 40 hours of straight interviews. There is a half day in Fallon, a half day in Carson City, and two days in Reno. Then three full days at different locations in Las Vegas. This is always a time that we look forward to. As President Black interviews, I get to visit with the missionaries waiting for their turn. This interview we were stressing the importance of looking like a missionary. Each missionary was able to evaluate his dress and grooming... how his hair looked, how his suit, shirt and tie was looking, and checking out his shoes and socks. While waiting, each missionary had the opportunity to polish his shoes. We also went over the dress guidelines with the sisters.

Interviews in the South
Las Vegas Zone

Elder Towns and Elder Spencer

Elders Askham, Vilacopoma, Sine, Cedeno, Weekes, Smithey
Sisters Clevenger, Knighton, Elders Anderson, Clapp, Sorenson, Tanner, Rolfson, Fulbright

Redrock Zone
(Pictures of Eldesr Kamalamalama and Petersen are missing and will be included soon!)
Elders Alexander, Lougee, Feldman, Clavijo

Elders Wilson, Fish, Childs, Brough

Elders Hugie, Neufville, Robison, Jones, Reid, Nunnally

Elders Millington, Graff, Stevens, Marler


Elders Barton, Schank, Kakau, Bowe

South Zone

(Pictures of Elders Asay, Justice, Jimenez, Cellejas are missing and will included soon!)
Elder Josephson,  Elder Rogers

Sister Spencer, Sister Leilua

Elders Ferris, Hawkins, Farnsworth, Cooper

Elders Norman, SIddoway, McCoy, Ah Mu, Larson, Larsen

Elders Andrews, Layton, Peters, Zegarra, Altamarion

Lone Mountain
(Pictures of Elders Pinkerton and Bassett are missing and will be included soon!)

Elder Pomee, Elder Williams

Elders Alford, Summers, Lane, Cook

Elders Roberts, Bertagnole, Carr, Simmons, Sisters Dixon, Sprouse

Elder Lloyd, Elder Bell

Tule Springs Zone

Elder Bunnell, Elder Bush

Elders Francis, Christensen, Naval, Sullivan, Lee

Elders Burch, Gawrych, Austin, Marks

Elder Weed, Elder Taylor

Elders Rogers, Fetner, Bradsher, Constantino
Elders Jithame, Wright, Callirgos, Estes, Daines, Stepherson

Elder Rice, Elder Schlieffarth

Polishing shoes!

Miscellaneous pictures during the interviews

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