Leadership Training -- July 2011

This past week we held another Leadership Training Meeting.
Meetings were held in Las Vegas and also in Carson City.
There were two lessons taught each day.
In the morning, Revelation Through Prayer, was taught.
In the afternoon,Revelaion through the Book of  Mormon.
Each session included....


and training
 by Elders Kiaha, Bush, and Schlieffarth

 by Elders Hensley and Matekel

and by  Elders Byers and Tapusoa

andy by Elders Josephson and Rogers

and by Elders Stevens and Pomee

and role-playing....

and singing...

President Rands, President and Sister Black sang a
rousing version of "The Golden Plates."
(The missionaries had never even heard this song before!)

and eating...

and enjoying being together!

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