Hello and Welcome!!

There is such an excitement as we see the new missionaries come down the escalator at the airport.  They are excited, nervous, tired, hungry, happy, fired up from the MTC, full of anticipation and ready to go to work!  On September 5th we welcomed 18 new Elders and 2 new Sisters to our mission.  We are happy to have them here!

Elder Seaman
Elder Peterson
Elder Wong
Elder Selvey
Elder Hall
Sister Badger
Elder Paipa
Elder Mendez
Elder Esplin
Elder Jones
Elder Izquierdo
Elder Rumbach
Elder Chambers
Elder Kennington
Elder Woodard
Elder Rodriguez

Elder Larson
Elder Harless
Sister Dillistone
Elder Dowuona-Hammornd


  1. Thank you Sister Black for the photos.

  2. Larson Family9/13/2011

    Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Sister Black. I appreciate all forms of communication to connect and be informed of my son's overall well being on this journey. Lovely site..photos, thoughts, poems, and music. Much Love, Susan Kennington

  4. Jennifer Brewer9/17/2011

    Thanks for the pictures!!! Sending lots of love to Sister Dillistone from Provo!! Our ward misses her and we love her very much!

  5. Claudia Dillistone9/23/2011

    Thank you for this beautiful blog. It means so much to know the area and people my daughter will be serving with. We are very proud of her and so happy she is serving in your mission area.