Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Last week on preparation day all the cars in the mission were 'parked' and all district and zone activities were cancelled.  The missionaries were asked to stay home and clean, not just straighten, their apartments and their cars. We are following up on that activity by going around and checking the apartments to see how they are maintaining the cleanliness.

  Sister Zobell and I have put on our aprons and our rubber gloves and started our
 'white glove' inspection!
Elders Mendez, Fetner, Bassett and Mouser doing some last minute touch ups!
(Elder Mendez is recuperating after having his appendix taken out)
Elders Sajche-Meza and Edwards cleaning up the kitchen.

Sisters Felagai, Woznow and Leilua showing off their gold stars
for a job well done!

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  1. Anonymous11/01/2011

    Thank you so much Sister Black, it is wonderful to see such great missionaries! We enjoying seeing all those serving in the Nevada Las Vegas West mission. We appreciate your effort putting together this blog for us.

    Clay and Jeanie Edwards