"I can't believe it has been two years!"

These are the words of the missionaries as they come to the mission home the night before they leave to go home.
 "It seems like it was just yesterday that I got here!"
"It hasn't hit me yet that I'm really leaving!"
 "Just think, tomorrow at this time I will be......."
 "Do I really have to go?"
"I have loved my mission!"

Tuesday, October, 18, we said good-bye to twelve missionaries as they finished their missions.
Once again, it was a bitter-sweet farewell.  Once again, we wish them the best as they head out on their next big adventure in life!

 Elder Moreno
 Sister Mack
 Elder Kamalamalama
 Elder Taylor
 Elder Rothert
 Elder Askham
 Elder Norman
 Elder Irwin
 Elder Jimenez
 Elder Tapusoa
 Elder Valez
 Elder Clavijo
Elder Sullivan
(Elder Sullivan left a few weeks early to start school)


  1. Anonymous10/20/2011

    Most of the photos of the Elders who were leaving on the 18th of October did not show. Instead there were black squares with a minus mark within a circle in the center of the square. I have been waiting for this particular blog because my grandson, Elder Askham, was leaving and I wanted the exit photo to put in his mission scrapbook. Is there a way to obtain one? Cherie Warner

  2. Thanks for the input. Hopefully all the pictures show up now. I can't tell when there are problems. On my computer it shows that everyting comes up okay.

  3. Anonymous10/23/2011

    They are all showing up now. We love seeing all the pictures, even when our missionary isn't in them, as we see some of the Elder's he has worked with. Thanks for keeping the blog for us to follow.