Zone Lead Council -- In the South and in the North

 Zone Leader Council is held the first week of each month. President Black and the Assistants train the Zone Leaders so that they can go back and train the Zones and the District Leaders. Because of the transfer and because so many of the previous Zone Leaders went home we have a number of new Zone Leaders called to serve.
North Zone Leaders
 Elders Summers, Andrews, Camp, Hensley, Theurer, Marks, Asay, Kiaha, Bunnell, Chamberlain

 President and Sister Rands; President and Sister Black
President Rands is a Counsellor in the Mission Presidency.  The Rand's live
in Reno and help take care of the Mission in the North.

 South Zone Leaders

 Elders Lento, Kiaha, Hugie, Corvalan, Sugiyama, Mathis, Smithey, Rice, Cooper
Elders Stevens, Miller, Bunnell
(Elder Bunnell and Elder Kiaha serve as Assistants to President Black)

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