Thanks for your patience.....

I just think that I have it all figured out how to post everything and then it goes crazy!
Hopefully, the pictures are now showing up and you can see what has been happening in the
mission.  One thing that I did notice is that the pictures have somehow gotten out of order.
You might have to scroll down a ways to find what you are looking for. 
I'm sorry for all the problems.....thanks for your patience!


  1. Anonymous1/31/2012

    The pictures ARE showing up. Thanks for all the time you spend sharing what is happening with our missionaries.

  2. We really appreciate all of you efforts! Thank you so much!!

  3. Susan Hoskins2/06/2012

    Thank you for taking pictures of all the missionaries! I love seeng their beautiful faces. Thank you also for posting their names. I actually scrolled right past my son's picture, then had to go back and read the names at the bottom to find him! He looks older and just a bit different in the 4 months he's been gone. I was so glad to see his happy, smiling face!!

  4. Anonymous2/09/2012

    I miss the mission so much and hope to visit the mission sometime in the future. Thank you Elders and Sisters for all that you do to serve the Lord. You all are doing a GREAT job!

    Brother Tipa