Zone Leader Council - January 11, 2012

Our Zone Leader Council for January was held in Tonopah so that there could be a combined meeting
with the north and the south. Once again with Elders going home and transfers taking place
a number of new Zone Leaders have been called. We had a great meeting where concerns about
the mission were discussed, ideas were shared by Zone Leaders and where training by
President Black and Elders Kiaha and Bunnell took place.

(back row) Elders Andrews, Rice, Asay, Camp, Theurer, Corvalan, Chamberlain,
Bunnell, Mathis, Copper, Lento, Lougee
(front row) Elders Humphrey, Marks, Miller, Smithey, Sugiyama, Hugie, Kiaha

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  1. Anonymous1/19/2012

    You all are doing a great work. As a former missionary of this very mission I must say that I am impressed with the quality of missionary this mission still hold. May the lord bless you all. Elders and sisters love the people and have fun doing that.