Zone Leader Council - February 2012

Zone Leader Council was  held in Tonopah giving the opportunity for the north and the south leaders to again come together. The training was from chapter 9 of Preach My Gospel....How Do I Find People to Teach? We had a fun time doing role plays showing finding situations.......

 while walking the family dog......
Pumping gas at the gas station.....
 approaching a couple on a park bench........
 a couple of college students out throwing a frisbee.....
 people walking out of the grocery store
 a father and son out working on their car.

This turned out to be a fun activity and lots of great
ideas were shared.

 President and Siter Black, Elders Mathis, Smithey, Cooper, Marks, Camp Humphrey, Bunnell, Miller, Summers, Chamberlain, Kiaha, Rice, Theurer, Andrews, Asay,
Hugie, Lento, Sugiyama, Corvalan, Lougee

Elders Werner and Hensley live in Tonopah and helped with arranging for
the building and for the luncheon.

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