Baptism Experiences

I have recently asked the missionaries to send me pictures of some
of their baptisms.
I also asked them to share with me how thosewho were baptized were contacted and a
sentence or two about their story.
Following are some experiences sent to me by Elder Edwards and Elder Corvalan. 

(Elder Edwards and Elder McFadden)

This family came to church one Sunday, enjoyed it, and started to come every week.
Their Story: Dejah (the Mom) has been a member. She was baptized when she was 8, but her family fell away from the Church when she was 10. Now, years later, she came to a point of reflection in her life and remembered the "good feelings" she had when she was involved with the Church. She found the nearest LDS church building to her and started to attend with her family. She is now active in the Church. Her husband has been taking the discussions, reading the Book of Mormon, coming to church, and praying. He is just waiting on that spiritual confirmation. We started teaching the girls (Elizabeth, Bella, Anna, and Emily), they were baptized, are actively attending the Church, and setting a good example.

(Elder Edwards)

How They Were Found: Tracting! We knocked on their door and found out that they
were a less-active family.

Their Story: Paige (the Mom) was born and raised in the Church. She became less-active years ago, but said she has been "looking for a way back into the Church." When we started teaching her two unbaptized sons, Blake and Brandon, she sad we were an "answer to her prayers." They are now back to being active members in the Church.

(Elders Corvalan, Bunnell, Miller)

Manuel, the man without glasses, was contacted by
Elder Chamberlain and Elder Bunnel at the supermarket. 

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