The Nevada Reno Mission

We are excited about the announcement of the new Nevada Reno Mission. This was announced Friday March 2, 2012 on ldschurchnews.com. The change will be effective around July 1 when mission leadership changes occur. The new mission president is still to be announced. The Nevada Reno Mission will include the following Nevada stakes: Carson City, Elko East, Elko West, Ely, Fallon, Fallon South, Reno, Reno North, Sparks, Winnemucca, and the Quincy California Stake.

The Nevada Reno Mission is being created from a realignment of the Nevada Las Vegas and Nevada Las Vegas West Missions. The Nevada Las Vegas West Mission will include the following Las Vegas stakes: Elkhorn Springs, Highland Hills, Lakes, Las Vegas, Lone Mountain, Meadows, Redrock, Sandstone, South, Spring Mountain, and Tule Springs. Three stakes from the Nevada Las Vegas Mission will be added to the NLVW Mission: the Nevada Logandale, Mesquite Nevada, and Nevada Panaca stakes.

As of right now, no further information is available.


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  1. Anonymous7/13/2012

    i miss my mission , vegas thats were im from yeeeaaah