North Area

North Area

Reno North Zone
Elder Cook - Work hard; remember who you are; be a lighthouse.
Elder Siddoway - Have fun; work hard; follow the rules be yourself.

 Elder L. Solis - Mi mama siempre me a dicho que ponga todo mi esfuerzo en la orbra misional y
            que me olvide completamente de mi , ya que estos 2 anos los estoy dedicando al Senor y
            por eso debo dar b mejor de mi, por que es para el Senor.
Elder Vilcapoma - Always keep your good standards.  Be an example all your life time. Be clean.
Elder Cedeno - Always finish everything you start and always do your best and don't be lazy!!
Elder Navarro - As a missionary, sometimes all that you will do is plant seeds.

Elder Wood - Watch what you eat.  Pray every day.
Elder Peacock - Remember who you are.
Elder Stanton - A righteous woman respects an aggressive man, while she loves, cherishes and
            adores a gentleman.  All that the mother knows the father and the rest should know even
Elder Daines - Work hard and be smart; remember...what would Jesus do?

 Sister Anderson - Focus on one Christlike attribute to develop, read the scriptures on that
          attribute, pray for help to developing it, and you will become it.
Sister Woznow - Get over yourself and love the Lord.

Elder McFadden - You're supposed to be happy.  Go make the world a better place.
Elder Alcorn - If you are not happy, you are doing something wrong!
Elder Young - If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Elder Anderson - Love all!

Elder G. Larson - Call your mom everyday when you're at school, even when you're on the beach.
Elder M. Solis - Mi mama me dido que tratara de ser respetoso y obediente.  Tambien me dido que
     fuera udemplo para los demas y que fuera obediente con lo que me manden.
Elder Stevens - Love ya, bud!
Elder Stuart - Your family should be your best friends.  You will all miss each other once you leave home (spoken to us as siblings). The lives you change matter more than where you go.

Reno Zone
Elder Smithey - "Sorry" is not a sentence.  Say, "I am sorry and mean it" :)
Elder Lougee - Be obedient.

 Elder Miller - "Don't waste it."  As in don't waste time (Scouting).  Be prepared.  Love one another
          Be nice, even though other's won't be.  Live the gospel.  Always go to church.  Have fun.
          Always pray.
Elder Ferris - On your wedding day don't have a luncheon, there just isn't enough diversity!
Elder Harless - Love the Lord and He will lift you.
Elder Jones - My advice is this...Give 'em Heaven!  Every one should have a piece of heaven
            in their life to make it so much better.

 Elder Kredt - Always give respect to those you come into contact with, treat them well.  When you ; serve others put them and their concerns over your own in priority.  Do not worry over; those things which have no especial consequence, carry on, move on.
Elder Weed - The world is based upon principles.
Elder Fairbanks - If you wouldn't like someone to do that to you, then don't do it to other people. 
            Life isn't always even, but it is always fair.
Elder Pickens - Teach with your heart.  The letters you send are great, it makes us feel as though
            you're here.

Elder Sandoval - Follow your gold and have fun in your mission, and be careful.
Elder Callejas - Do your best and never, never, never give up!
Elder Baker - "Clean as you go" "What would the (missionaries, prophet, bishop, Jesus) think if
            they walked in right now?

Elder Burch - "Just keep going.  Even when you feel like there's no hope and you want to give up,
            keep going anyway."
Elder Stock - Be an example to all those who look up to you and don't let them down.
Elder Millington - Be good, work hard and do your best.  Make us proud.
Elder Stene - Just do your best!

Sister Porter - Everyone is human and we all make mistakes.  Forgive yourself and forgive other
            for what they've done.  Just love them for who they are.
Sister Leilua

Carson City
Elder Clapp - You better clean your room or I'll beat you!
Elder Carr - Remember that you are not alone in the work...there are those on the other side
            anxiously engaged in the good cause of helping you out.

 Sister Dillistone - "Take care of yourself and have fun."
Sister Firmage - Home is where you're safe and "no empty chairs."

 Elder Palmer - Don't leave your clothes in the dryer.  Don't be late. The Holy Ghost
            goes to bed at 11:00 p.m.
Elder Alms - If something you say isn't kind, true or necessary, then don't say it.
Elder Norris  - Be humble.
Elder Jithame - You may not like it now, but you will thank me later.

Elder Hall - Don't compare yourself to the other missionaries.  Be yourself.  Look up!
Elder P. Flores - Her best friend just died and she knows that she's going to see her again, so she told me to never give up on the people, so she could feel that way about everybody.  She also told me to clean my room.
Elder A. Flores - Mira para que aprendas.  Ten paciencia para que aprendas ten paciencia.
Elder Retuerto - Sonrie :)  Te Amo       No me hagas quedar mal   No importa lo que pase, nunca
              vas a estar solo


Elder Denker - "HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY MOM!"
Elder Feldman - i Toma tu leche!    Todo va a salir bien.

Elder Davis - "Go Haole Boy!"    "I'll keep the stew hot for you!"  Love you Momma.
Elder Seaman - "That's screaming!"
Elder Thompson - I love you forever, I like you for always, as long a I'm living, my son, you'll be!
Elder Callirgos - Follow your leaders.  Care for others.  Love God with all you heart.
Elder S. Lopez - Nunca pierdas tu essencia.    Never forget who you are and what you stand for.
Elder Horning - Treat your mom right because girls see how you treat your mom and know that is
            how you treat them!  Don't speed.

Sister Falagai - (advice from Sister) - Love your companion and work hard!  Pray to our Father
            in Heaven to help you to find people to teach.  Stop, sleep, wake up and study!
Sister Spencer - Love your companion, always stay positive.

ElderFlorschutz - "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all."
Elder Larsen - Clean every nook and cranny, especially on yourself.  It's ok, everything will
            work out.   You dad is difficult, but I love him.
Elder Farmer - My mom has always taught me through her example.  Through example she
          taught me a lot about being kind, loving, and most important, understanding.
Elder Reyes - "As a mother it's an honor to have one of my boys serve the Lord.  It's even more
           amazing to see my wild child serve the Lord :)  I love you....."
Elder Brough - The message that you share is 'precious cargo.'
Elder Cotti - Don't think about home or time will go a lot slower and you will be miserable
            all the time.

Elder Sohkanen - Forget yourself and focus on the work!
Elder Bell - You gotta get up and try again.


  1. Ohio Mom5/06/2012

    I checked the blog for fun before turning in tonight. What an amazing early Mother's Day gift. Thank you! I love seeing my son, and I look forward to going over all the wonderful comments made by all the missionaries to their moms tomorrow. Thank you again!

  2. Anonymous5/07/2012

    What a treat to read tonight! I actually started reading this blog back when Elder Stuart was in the MTC, and scrolled back last year to the Mother's and Father's Day posts and got excited to think of reading what he might say this year. I'm so proud of him and it warms my heart to know he was listening to at least a few things I said! His siblings do miss him, indeed. But they are so proud of his service, too. Thanks so much for sharing this!--Carrie Stuart

  3. Awww, makes me swell with love and pride. Even more excited for that phone call this Sunday. Love reading your posts Sister Black. Happy Mother's Day to YOU!! --Tami Koncurat

  4. Anonymous5/07/2012

    May 7
    I try to look a the mission blog after we receive our Monday email from Elder Edwards. What a special mother's day treat to see this. Thank you Sister Black, I can't believe with all you have to do, that you have taken the time to put this together for all the mothers.

    We are so excited to talk with our missionary son on Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to you Sister Black and all the Nevada West Missionary Moms.

    Thanks, Jeanie Edwards

  5. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Thank You Sister Black for this blog, it hsa been so hard to let my boy go yet knowing he is safe and happy is all I need for mom'S day (as he calls it)and I see he is. I also wanted to thank all the Elders for all they do to help each other, you guys are great!!!!!!! keep up the good work love to all