Train the New Missionaries and their Trainers -- May 2012

A week after the have had a chance to settle in and have a few missionary experiences all the new missionnaries and their companions come together to review what they are studying
during their personal and companion study time. The new Elders always seem a little more at ease after that first week.

Elders Diaz, Bunnell, Lee, West, Rogers, Ririe
Elders Larson, Christensen, Steenstra, Smith, Patterson, Bradsher

Elders Smithey, Anderson, Martinez, Navarro, Sanft, Sandoval, Petillot, Callejas
Elders Stuart, Castaneda, Wood, Betwell, Rich, Larson, Cedeno, Jones, Callirgos, Sanft
(missing - Elders Thompson and  Prescott)

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