Happy Father's Day - 2012

In April, as we were doing interviews, I asked each missionary to share with me some words of advice, wisdom, counsel or one liners that they remember their parents sharing with them. I listed all their thoughts from their mothers the end of April for Mother's Day. I promised I would share their thoughts from their fathers for Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day!

Elder Alcorn Be the best Elder Alcorn (Jake) that you can be.

Elder Alexander - Don't tell your mother when you get into a car accident!

Elder Alford - His example always spoke louder than his words, and I only hope that I can emulate his example of priesthood service throughout my life
Elder Alms - I don't know that he said it, but he always got down to business and he showed me that you need to stay focused on the important things
Elder Anderson - Lead, Follow or get out of the way.

Sister Anderson - The atonement is key to missionary work. Learn it. Love it.  Apply it.  Teach it!

Elder Andrews - Smart Counsel for success: Specific, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic, Timely

Sister Argueta - Be obedient, don't change, your personality is so beautiful, I love you so much! Respect all people, I'm so grateful to have you serving a mission

Elder Asay - Don't worry, the Lord knows what you need.

Elder Austin - Never forget who you are.

Sister Badger - Love and Serve the Lord, forget yourself and go to work, or I love you!, or, Listen to your Mom
Elder Barnes - If you're not first, your last.

Elder Barton - Listen to your Mother
Elder Bassett - Work hard and return with honor
Elder Bell - Always read and pray every day of your life.

Elder Boyce - Make as little trips as possible

Elder Bradsher - You are a great missionary.  Do great things!

Elder Brough - The Lord has sent you to an area for a purpose.  He trusts you, work hard and get to know the people.

Elder Brown - The difference between a bad day and a good day is one day.  Keep up with your PT

Elder Buchkovich  - When I was a kid, if my dad asked me how I was and I said, "absolutely, positively excellent" I got a candy bar.  Also he started what we call "thank you, thank you's" which is basically a printed sheet that says "thank you, thank you, thank you.  To: ______ For: _____. " Then we would fill them out throughout the week and put them in a jar and at family home evening we would draw some and read them out loud. My dad taught me a lot about gratitude.

Elder Bunnell - Forget yourself and get to work.  Make the very best of every situation.

Elder Burch- The only one that can decide what you will do is you.

Elder Butler  - My father taught that patience and love will always prevail.  He led by example
Elder Callejas -  The Lord will bless you if you keep obeying the promptings of the spirit.

Elder Callirgos - Do what is right,  follow the spirit at all times, stay worthy.

Elder Carr - Remember that you and everyone around you are human - no really, Remember!

Sister Carr - Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff
Elder Carver - Work hard, Be obedient, Return with honor

Elder Caudle - Go with God

Elder Cedeno - Always be patient in times of trouble, and if you're patient and if you prepare you will always succeed, every problem has a solution and look for the solution and not the problem.

Elder Chambers - "Work hard, pray harder - I can do hard things"

Elder  C. Christensen - Remember, squeeze the trigger, don't pull it.  Be obedient.  You are a Christensen.  Act and behave like a Christensen that is a follower of Christ, independent, brave, well mannered and a patriot.

Elder J. Christensen - Be patient with your companion

Elder Clapp - Listen to your mother

Elder Cook - Go hard or go home!! Do work!!

Elder Cooper - Don't chew gum in public.  You look like a bum

Elder Cotti -  Success is not in numbers but in obedience to the rules and the way your mind is set.

Elder Crittenden - Outwork everyone, be obedient with exactness.  Know how proud I am of you and don's look back.  Set the tone, enjoy every minute, give all you have, have no regrets.  Let your misson shape you.

Elder Daines - Serve the Lord, return with honor
Elder Davis - "I loveyou, brahdah"

Elder Denker - Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Dillistone - Be a good missionary and set an example.

Sister Dixon - The things you learn on your mission will affect you not only now but the resr of your lives.

Elder Dowuona-Hammond - Immerse yourself in the work

Elder Edwards - Home means Nevada, Home means the hills

Elder Esplin - When in doubt, add two yards.  Rub some dirt in it.  Walk it off.

Elder Fackrell - If you don't want to do the work, you won't.

Elder Fairbanks -  Focus on what you want.  Measure twice, cut once.

Elder Farnsworth - Have fun when it's time and work hard when it's time

Elder Farmer - My dad has always taught me how to work hard, to be respectful and to always respect my mom.

Sister Felagai - If you have God, work hard.  If you love me, try your best.  Remember the name tag you have (Who you are).

Elder Feldman - No te preocupes, Dios te bendecira.  Es bueno dormir.

Elder Ferris - Respect goes further than chocolates and roses, but they help, too.  Remember whose names you bear
Elder Findlay - You're not welcome at home for the next 24 months.

Sister Firmage - Life is not worth living unless you're having fun and always keep the rules.

Elder A. Flores - No eryodrdes, No seas sangron, Respeta A las Mujeris

Elder P. Flores - He told me about his converting stories and the things he did on the mission that were effective, things to do when times are hard.

Elder Florschutz - Work smarter, not harder

Sister Garcia - Be thankful for what you get.  Be yourself

Elder  Hall - To put it simply love others.  Be smart with your notions

Elder Harless - The K.I.S.S. rule:  Keep It Simple, Stupid

Elder  Haynes -  Life is hard but it only gets better

Elder Horning - Do it right the first time so you don't have to go back and do it again.  Be the missionary your mother would want you to be
Elder Hoskins - It's very important to have a good education. Always help people in need (like the elders).  Be kind to others
Elder Hugie - Be patient with the Lord and trust that He has great things in store

Elder Humphrey - The greatest counsel my dad gave me was leading a great example of love by waking up early and making my breakfast.and playing games with me every night! Best counsel is example!

Elder Hurst - Keep up the good work.

Elder lzquierdo - Money can't buy real happiness.  Never complain about any situation of the life. Think before you act. Ponder my decisions.  Be accountable for my own business

Elder Jithame - I will help you as long as you do your work.

Elder J. Jones - My words of advice is to be faithful to the end.  It's through our faithfulness that everything, even our foundation is based on the gospel.

Elder M. Jones - Work hard and know that your ancestors suffered greatly and that they were delivered and so will you in hard times.  Know that all things will be for thy good. Endure it well.

Elder Justice - Two objects can not exist at the sime time in the same place.  I love you, Ace, but you'll never make it to.....15,16,17, etc
Elder Kakau - My dad told me to always love the people you teach and meet.

Sister Knighton - Never give up! Never surrender!

Elder Koncurat - "Hoohah!" That's what I think of when I think of my dad, he's led me by example, more than words throughout my life.

Elder Kredt - In all things you do, remeber that the gospel is a great force in life.  When life gets difficult, turn to the principles and teachings you've known, do your best in those things and never give up!  Keep constant and aways building in your faith.

Elder J. Larsen - Do it when I ask you to, not when you feel like it.  Life's not fair.  The church is true.

Elder G. Larson - Be good, but if you can't be good, be good at it.

Elder S. Larson - Me: "Dad, I'm hungry."  Dad:  "Hi, Hungry, I'm Tomm.  How are you?"

Elder Layton - Who in the Bible didn't have any parents?  The son of Nun.

Elder Lee - You need to refer to missionaries by the correct titles.

Sister Leilua - Work hard and give it your all.

Elder Lento - Our armed forces keep us free so we can spread the word of God.

Elder Lopez - Trust in God.  Work hard and be diligent and you will be happy.  Learn to be patient

Elder Lougee - Work hard!

Elder Mc Clellan - If you work hard, you wont have any regrets.

Elder McFadden - Life is not always fair.  McFaddens are excellent because they choose to be.

Elder McOmie - Act, Don't be acted upon.

Elder Manning - Remember who you are.

Elder Markle - I'm so very proud of you for going on your mission.  It has blessed us and yourself and it will continue to bless us all.

Elder Marks - Be Obedient.

Elder Matekel - Be obedient, Work hard.

Elder Mathis - Work hard to the end.

Elder Mendez - "Above You"  Give it all you got  "How's my smile", said to my dad.

Elder Miller - Work hard,  If you do it right the first time, then you don't have to do it the second time.  100%  & 10%, 110%.  Save your money.  Know what you want to do in life.  Always pray.

Elder Millington - He always pushed to do good and did all that he could for his family and ward family.  He never gave up.

Elder Mouser - Trust in the Lord and your burdens will be lightened.

Elder Navarro - Always have the spirit with you.

Elder Norris - A great leader is one who never has to tell anyone he is one.

Elder Paipa - Work hard, always stay happy, and  don't get in trouble!

Elder Packard - Remember Lot's wife!

Elder Palmer - Don't do anything I woudn't do, but have fun.

Elder Parra - You'll be handsome but not like me!

Elder Peacock - Remember who I am.

Elder Pennington - Keep working HARD!

Elder Peterson - Will I love you if you are good?  Yes.  Will I love you if you are bad? Yes.  Will I be proud of you if you are good?  Yes.  Will I be proud of you if you are bad? NO.  "It's all about delayed gratification"

Elder Petillot - Have faith, this isn't a blind faith because we know the God in whom we trust.  As you put the Lord first, the Lord will put you first.  Go with the arm of God.  Fear not and you will bring miracles to the lives of the people.

Elder Pickens - Get in the car, we're going to be late.  Write more than just a couple of lines.

Elder Polanko - En lo que desiolas te vamos a apoyar" gracias"

Sister Porter - Close the door!  Were you raised in a barn?  (just kidding)  Never give too much of yourself to one person (before marriage)  because you never know how long it is going to last.  And you don't want regret when you do meet the one you will marry.

Elder Pulsipher - Be Obedient

Elder  Quintana - Be who you are and nothing else.

Elder Retuerto - Baja de peso!  Haz etercicio todos los dias  Se responsable.

Elder Rice - Work hard

Elder Richardson - Don't allow those who treat you poorly to get you down.  Remember that when I was in college, I gave the missionaries the incorrect address more than once, and here I am now.

Elder Ringer - Great kid, great day. Be loyal to the Royal.  The man I"m going to be is the man I'm becoming every day.  Follow the spirit, choose the right, you could be answering someone's prayers, WWIL (Where Will It Lead), DDD(Decisions Determine Destiny)  BALB (Be a Little Better)

Elder Robison - Only worry about the things you can control.

Elder Rodriguez - Do you find good friends and having good relationship. estar con buenos amigos

Elder Rogers - The last thing he said before I left to the MTC was "Have Fun!"

Elder Roy - Even when it's hard, just do it, everything will work out.

Elder Rumbach - Get good grades, keep your things in order, build up good friendships, show your love to people you serve, be accountable/reliable, buy good quality things, do your best, the Lord
does the rest.

Elder Sajche - Be aware of your surroundings

Elder Sanders - There is always room for dessert.

Elder Sanft - Humbleness, like baptism, is a gateway to happiness.

Elder Seamons - Mucho trabajo poco dinero

Elder Selvey - Remember who you are.

Elder Shamanis - Deal with it, that's life.  How old are you?

Sister Shaw - You are my princess, you're Heavenly Father's princess, so never doubt yourself.

Elder Siddoway - Do everything you possible can to make the two years count. Have no regrets.

Elder Skinner - Do what Mom says.

Elder Smithey - There are four people you know you can always trust here in this life.  That's me
and your Mom and your two sisters.

Elder Sohkanen - Don't think about your past life, your friends, school, career, etc.  Work as hard as you can and take one day at a time!

Elder L. Solis - Mi papa me ha dicho que en la mision no hay un mal dia, todos los dias son buenos pord que cada dia plantqmos una pequena semilla en cada una de las personas con las que hablamos y todo depende de muestra forma de pensar, pero todos los dias son buenos.

Elder M. Solis - mi papa dive la obediencia trae respeto y ei respeto trae felisidad.  tal vez las palabras que divo no me ensenaron mucho pero al el exemple do ei me syudo, a dya puedo ser como el es.

Sister Spencer - Seek out answers to your questions in the scriptures. They will be a blessing and a treasure to you.

Sister Sprouse - Charity never faileth!  Serve with all your heart!  Do or do not, there is no try.

Elder Stanton - Don't ever get mad!  Don't ever get even! Just get ahead!  "Eternity is your best friend so make sure your eternal companion is your best friend in advance before uniting"

Elder Stene  - Check your oil!

Elder Stock - Follow the Lord's counsel, no matter what people say even if you care about them.

Elder Stuart - Use people for what they're good at, and cover for their weaknesses.  Throw off aassassins, vary your routes of travel  Just do what you can.  Then when X happens, the Church is still true

Elder Thompson - I love you, son.

Elder Theurer - Normalize it (As my lacrosse coach shouted from the sidelines to get things back on track and settled down)

Elder Tindall - This thing called failure is not the falling down, but is the staying down.  If it's for a good cause, get up and go again.

Elder Tinoco - Control yourself...don't lie to yourself.

Elder Torgersen - Focus on your duty as a missinary and servant of the Lord, not as another guy on a mission.  Watch your thoughts for they become you words. Watch your words, for they become your actions.  Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character.

Elder Vieira - Be honest in all things.  Be smart.

Elder Vilcapoma - Anything that you will do is good, but don't abuse it....only studies.

Sister Walker - Remember the example of Ammon.  By service, you can interest others in your message.

Elder Weaver - Keep your chin up.

Elder Weed - Open mouth, insert foot.

Elder Weekes - The most important 6 inches on the field are between your ears.

Elder Werner - Put ice on it ( any time we were sick)

Elder Wissinger - Stay close to the spirit.

Sister Wood - When my dad taught me to drive his stick shift truck during Christmas break.  And the time he taught me to drive our snow machine and we crashed into the swing set.  Love you, Dad!
Elder Wood - If you set and work towards righteous goals, Heavenly Father will make it possible to achieve them.

Elder Woodard - My dad taught me to work hard and to fix it when it's broken.  He taught me to think before you speak, to walk softly and carry a big stick!  He always taught by example to give service and to follow the Lord

Elder Wong - Work Hard

Sister Woznow -" Dad congrats on your new motorcycle"  Love, your favorite child

Elder Young - Not so much a single line as the culmination of both his example and teachings in general.  Always taught me to be cheerful and excited, no matter what you are doing.


  1. Anonymous6/17/2012

    Going to miss your wonderful blog since my son is moving to the new mission. Thank you for all you do.

    Sister Cotti

  2. Sue Hoskins6/21/2012

    Thanks for the great photos. I wanted to save and print a few of them for my son's scrapbook - is it possible to get them with full resolution?