Interviews --- July 2012

Quarterly interviews have been held the past two weeks.
What a great opportunity to get to know the missionaries
a little bit better.
We have great missionaries in our mission and we love them!

Red Rock Zone
Elder Theurer and Elder Weekes

Elders Justice, Hurst, Lento, Hart
Elders Blanco, Godfrey, Guist, Baker
Elders Wankier, Solis, Cather, Butler
Elders Houghton, Rumbach, Tinoco, Chirstensen

Sister Carr and Sister Leilua

Las Vegas  Zone
 Elder Edwards and Elder Fairbanks

 Elder Baker and Elder Reyes

 Elders Mouser, Richards, Hoskins, Benioni

 Elders Barnes, Mendez, Rogers, Ririe

 Sister Dillistone and Sister Shaw

Elder West and Elder Barton

South Zone
Elder Findlay and Elder Jones

 Elders Gregory-Tews, Skinner, Hunsaker, Vieira

 Elder Werner and Elder Wilcock

 Elder Williams and Elder Quintana

 Elder Buchkovich, Diaz, Polanco, Brown

 Elder San Miguel and Elder Dowuona-Hammond

 Elders Patterson, Packard, Bradsher

 Elder Seaman and Elder Murry

 Elder Aldridge and elder Woodard

Sister Fisher and Sister Garcia

Lone Mountain Zone
Elder Lee and Elder Alford

 Elders Torgersen, Larson, Pulsipher, Steenstra

 Elders Smith and Weekes

Elders Ringer, Parker, Parra, Chambers

Elders Sanders, Jack Ringer, Parra, Pennington, Austin, Sisters Badger, Argueta 
Sister Argueta and Sister Badger 

Tule Springs Zone
Elder Rice  and Elder Lopez

Elders Koncurat, John, Wong, GIdewall 
 Elders Mathis, Humphrey, Weaver, Johnson
Elder Markle and Elder Caudle 

Elder Cook and Elder Selvey
Sister Dixon and Sister Walker
Elder Tanner and Elder Peacock
Elder Chapman and Elder Kredt
Elder Manning and Elder Empey
Elder McClellan and Elder Farnsworth
Elder Wissinger and Elder Nelson

 Mesquite Zone
Mesquite Zone was interviewed earlier and
individual pictures are shown there.
(From fright to left)
Elders Millar, Cunningham, Oakey, Perez, Driggs, Wilkerson, Zachary, Dooley,
Carlson, Salinas, Gott, Perea, Stanley, Craft,
Elder and Sister Hodges, President and Sister Black


President Black interviews each missionary individually.....
about 130 missionaries!

I visit with, discuss with, learn about, question
and enjoy each one as they wait for their turn for
their interview.

Treat - Minute Maid Juice Box

"My mission belongs to the Lord.
With all my heart I will give my
energy and my time to the
Master because I love Him.
Therefore, I am going to look at
every day not as mine, but as His.
I will treat each minute of His time
with respect and focus and with the
dedication that it deserves."
Elder M. Russell Ballard



  1. Anonymous7/29/2012

    Sister Black,

    It is so fun to see a picture of each of the missionaries serving. Thanks for taking time to take pictures and to post them for the families!

    Jeanie Edwards

  2. Anonymous7/30/2012

    Sister Black-
    This blog is fantastic, thank you for the time, effort and caring you put into providing it. Our Elder Jones will be joining you a week from today, he's ready to leave the MTC and teach the Spanish speakers in the LVW mission. If you remember, my wife and I visited the mission home and met you and President Black soon after our son received his call back in March. We couldn't be happier to know that he will be in the Lord's care with President and Sister Black guiding him. Thanks again,

    Justin and Marci Jones