Leadership Training

Leadership Training ----
where all zone leaders, district
leaders and trainers meet together to be trained by the
assistants, zone leaders and President and Sister Black

 Role - Playing
Open your mouth every chance you get ---
tell people who you are and share a quick message.

Lunches for our meetings are always provided by a
Stake Relief Society.  One half hour before lunch was to be served
I checked to see if the sisters needed any help....there was no one there.
I called the mission office to make sure the Relief Society had been contacted and was
planning for lunch that day.  Come to find out, there had been a miscommunication
and they were never contacted.   At 11:30 there was no lunch in the making....by 12:30 these Relief
Society sisters organized, ordered, picked up, and set out a wonderful
luncheon for 80 missionaries! 
And they were still smiling!!

preparing to sing "....and thank you for the food! 

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  1. Sister Black, I love this blog spot, I've looked at it more sence I've been home, then on my mission. It looks like the fun goes on in the best mission in the word!
    -Eston Humphrey