These are a few of the pictures of baptisms that missionaries have sent to me along with the simple story of how the investigators came in contact with the church.
During the month of August there were 50 baptisms that took
place within the mission.  

She married a less active member. They were living with his parents. Missionaries had been visiting the home but hadn't stopped by for almost a year. Her husband and father-in-law prayed specifically for someone to come by to help them move a piano out of storage. The piano had to be moved out that day. As they were heading out the door, the elders showed up and asked if they could give any service. That sparked an interest as to why they would offer to help. The discussion led to hearing the lessons. She read the entire Book of Mormon, took the lessons twice. The pivotal moment was when she talked to the missionaries about how she felt she could never be worthy to make a promise with God. They talked to her about what faith is and that she is a daughter of God and that He loves her. At the end of that lesson she asked if and when she could be baptized.

This couple moved to Las Vegas from Argentina. His brother is a member in Utah. They went to Salt Lake to visit and were taken to Temple Square. They filled out referral cards for the missionaries to contact them. They did. They were taught the lessons and could hardly wait the be baptized.

She married an active member, return missionary. They had been married for 6 years. She has been attending church for with him since they were married. She told the missionaries that no one ever approached her about meeting with them and that she would be interested. After they taught her the first lesson she stopped coming to church and didn't want to see the missionaries. A few months later a new set of elders went by their home to meet them. After chatting and getting to know each other, the missionaries asked her if she would like to take the missionary lessons. She said yes. She wanted them to come as often as possible. After helping her resolve a few concerns she was baptized.

They had some neighbors who were good friends. She had a brain aneurysm. The member neighbors offered to give her a blessing. With an immediate recovery, they began investigating the church. Three years later and after asking many questioins, they were baptised.

He married her, she was a less-active member. They were married for several years, and he wanted God to be part in his life. After attending both his church and the ward she belonged to off and on, he realized that his church didn't challenge him to improve or to be more like Christ. He noticed the difference in the lifestyles and wanted to feel the spirit more and to be closer to God.

He married a less active member. After their first child together (they both have children from previous marriages) their daughter became very ill. He witnessed the miracle of priesthood blessings, given by his father-in-law and his grandfather-in-law. He became curious and asked them questions. In time, he started attending church. Then he took the lessons. With the help of the Stop Smoking Program, he quit smoking in 7 days. He was baptised. They are focused on their temple sealing next June at the Nevada Las Vegas Temple.


  1. Love this series, especially the stories. Keep them coming. : )