Zone Conferences August 2012

We look forward to quarterly zone conferences where multiple zones come together to be trained. We just held three different conferences with three zones attending each conference.
The mornings began at 8:00 with all the missionaries working with the vehicle coordinators and doing car inspections. At 9:00 Zone Confernece started. New missionaries introduced themselves, spiritual thoughts were shared, all the missionaries were asked to come prepared to give a three minute talk on some part of the restoration of the gospel. Five names were pulled from a box and those five presented their talks. All who didn't have a chance to share their talks were asked to share them with their companion during their companion study the next day.
The theme of our zone conference was The Message of the Restoration. There was training by mission leadership, we practiced what we were being taught by role playing. Those who will be leavng the mission before the next zone conference had the opportunity to bear their testimonies. Lunch was served by the local Relief Society. Lots of pictures were taken and the missionaries love having time to meet up again with comanions that they have served with and around in the past.

South Zone
Elders Seaman, Hunsaker, Austin, Torgerson, Tews, Aldridge, Woodard, Murry
Sisters Garcia, Fisher, Elders Ringer, Larson, Schwartz, Packard
Spring Mountain Zone
Elders Polanco, Schmidt, Werner, Wilcock, Hammond, Quintana, Jones, Buchkovich, Crapo
Elders Cunningham, Jones, Zachary, Paz. Diaz, San Miguel
Las Vegas Zone
Elders Baker, Perez, Benioni, Richards, Barton, Pyron, Mendez, Ririe, Bruce, Caudle
Sisters Pardee, Shaw, Elders Reyes, Oakey, Edwards, Scola
Senior Missionaries
Elders McMillan, President Anderson, President Black, Elder Dana
Sisters Young, McMillan, Andersen, Black, Anderton, Macdonald

Lone Mountain Zone
Elders West, Wilkerson, Pulsipher, Kaelberer, Smith, Parker, Pennington, Steenstra, Jacobsen, Sanders, Smith, Lane
Elder Jack, Sisters Badger, Argueta, Elders Parra, Alford, Lee
Tule Springs Zone
Elders Empey, Gidewall, Tanner, Chapman, Koncurat, McClellan, Rumbach, John, Kredt, Manning
Elders Humphrey, Peacock, Lopez, Stanley, Wong, Fairbanks

Mesquite Zone
Elders Park, Millar, Long, Driggs, Dowdle, Carlson, Findlay, Doss
Elders Ete, Perea, Hoskins, Salinas, Dooley, Craft

Senior Missionaries
Elder Dana, President Webb, Elder Jones
Elder Conder, Sister Conder, Sister Black, President Black

Redrock Zone
Elders Vieira, Butler, Guist, Solis, Godfrey, Baker, Brown, Weekes
Elders Hymas, Reeves, Tanner Wrathall, Blanco, Naranjo

Highland Hills Zone
Elders Cook, Servey, Chambers, Nelson, Giullian, Johnson
Sisters Dillistone, Rasmussen, Elders Weaver, Wissinger, Markle, Skinner

Lakes Zone
Elders Hurst, Gott, Hartley, Wynn, Patterson, Houghton
Elders Cedillo, Rogers, Mouser, Tinoco, SIsters Carr, Chirstensen
More pictures from Zone Conference

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