Specialized Training Meeting

We held a specialized training meeting where, once again, all the new missionaries
and their trainers came together.  We talked about how the training experiences
were going, shared feelings, shared experiences, asked questions, watched some
training DVD's, gave encouragement and now everyone is ready to go and get to work!

 Companionship's -- New Missionary and Trainer
 Sisters Badger, McKnight, Argueta, Ali'ifua
 Sisters Fisher, Dewey, Carr, Luamanu
 Elders Garcia, Benioni, Reyes, Short
 Elders Herlin, Wilkerson, Pierre-Louis, Manning
 Elders Tanner, Tunney, Sellers, Werner
  Elders Reeves, Koncurat, Wilcock, Stewart
 Elders Barlow, Johnson, Seljestad, Houghton
 Elders Felos, Murry, Aldridge, Gray

  Elder Deppe, Packard, Guillian, Seaman
 Elders Walker, Jack, Hymas, Markle
 Elder Jones and Elder Kraft
Elder Sanders, and Elder Conklin


  1. Anonymous10/16/2012

    I just comment as Anonymous because I don´t know how to do it with my name...
    Elders Lloyd and Perez are missing in this pictures.... I tought I would see them :(

  2. Elder Lloyd and Elder Perez had to leave the meeting early because they had a teaching appointment. Sorry I didn't get their picture before they left.