New Missionaries

This past week we welcomed eight new missionaries to our mission. We are happy to have them here and are excited for the great spirit of enthusiasm that they bring with them. We wish them success as they meet their new companions, adjust to their new areas and learn what missionary work is all about!

 Elder Corcoran
 Elder Fugate
 Sister Hanson
 Sister Belliston
 Elder Woody
 Elder Correa
 Elder Wanner
Elder Loertscher


  1. Thank you Sister Black! We were so happy to see Elder Wanner's face on the blog. Thank you for taking the time for us at home who are starting to miss tripping over those big shoes left around everywhere! Also great to have a face to go with Elder Fugate's name (Elder Wanner's MTC companion).
    With love and appreciation,
    Neal and Jeanette Wanner

  2. Anonymous11/05/2012

    Sister Black: What a blessing you are to those of us who watch from across the backyard fence. I am a 90 year-old grandpa-type who encountered Elder Scott Woody and his family when they stopped by the Salt Lake Temple. We were instant friends and Elder Woody has claimed me as an "Eternal Friend" even across the two generations of our lives,by mortal reckoning. Elder Woody gives personal meaning to the NLVW mission for me and one more reason to be "anxiously engaged" as I wait to join my eternal companion. Your postings assure us that those we love are in you good care with Pre. Black. Thank you. Doug Campbell aka Elder Woody's friend.